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Brooklyn Secrets Review
As Brooklyn, New York resident, Erica Donato, researches 1930's Brownville area for her dissertation, she finds the past and the present isn't as different as she expected in this powerful, gritty story of love and loss.

Dead to the Last Drop Review
Clare Cosi is in Washington, D.C. to open up a new Village Blend location. Traffic is slow until a young woman joins the jazz group, and life-threatening when Clare finds out the young woman is the daughter of the President of the U.S. and Clare is accused of murder.

Yappy Hour Review
Maggie recently relocated from the East Coast to Pacific Cove when her job ended. She wanted to help take care of her elderly uncle, and she was hired as bookkeeper when a cruise line opened a new port in town. What she didn't expect was to become involved in a murder investigation.

The Puffin of Death Review
California zookeeper Theodora Bentley was sent to Iceland to bring back an orphaned polar bear cub, but shortly after she arrived she discovered a body. The unpopular American bird-watcher was shot in the back, and Theodora soon found herself at the top of the suspect list.

The Secret Life of Anna Blanc Review
Socialite Anna Blanc was chomping at the bit to be free of the constraints of the times in 1907 Los Angeles, and her father's own rigid rules, when she decides to investigate a series of brothel murders in spite of the risks involved and to the horror of her father and fiancé.

I’ll Never Let You Go Review
TBI Agent Alex Morgan looks into a savage attack that hints of ties with a Nashville P.D. detective. Four years ago Leah was stabbed 32 times by her husband who later died in a car crash. Morgan barely gets a chance to delve into the case when his main target is killed by 32 stab wounds.

Deadly Dunes Review
Hours after Mack McClellan is hired to investigate the death of his client's brother, the sister who hired him is killed. Although he no longer has a paying client, Mac continues to investigate the deaths at his own risk.

The Guise of Another Review
Minnesota detective Alexander Rupert finds himself in a downward spiral when he is reassigned to the Forgery and Frauds unit while undergoing a Federal investigation for corruption. He is shunned by his fellow detectives and he finds out his wife is having an affair in this stunning thriller.

Hollow Man Review
Dominic was living the best life he could as a prosecutor, a musician, and an Englishman now living in Texas. He tried his best to hide the fact that he was also a sociopath as he wanted to live as normal as he could. When his life began to unravel his choices led to unexpected results.

Idyll Threats Review
After the death of his partner, Thomas Lynch takes a job as chief of police in Idyll, Connecticut to get away from the big city. He also has a deep secret he hopes his detectives don't find out; their new boss is gay.

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