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Importance of Backups and System Maintenance
Data and system backups are a very important, if not vital, part of system maintenance that most users tend to neglect. This article is about the importance of backups and system maintenance and what can happen if not utilized.

Windows XP System Information Utility
Having issues with your computer? Not sure how to troubleshoot? Don't despair! Windows XP comes with the System Information utility which can help collect information about your system and aid in the troubleshooting process. It is a great tool to have on hand!

Customize Windows Folders
Spruce up the default, boring yellow Windows XP folders with your own photos, pictures or custom icons. Customize your desktop like it has never been done before!

Windows XP System Utilities Overview
Nobody likes it when their computer is not working properly what makes it worse is trying to determine why it is not working properly. Windows XP comes with a couple of utilities that help the end user document their computer and troubleshoot system problems and issues

Easter Eggs for Games in Windows XP
Have a little fun and kick back and relax with a few games - with a twist. When a developer creates a game or software they frequently include "easter eggs" or secret that make the program perform differently - this article covers some basic "easter-eggs" hidden in the games in Windows XP. Enjoy!

Additional Graphical User Interface Definitions
This is the second article in the series defining graphical user interface terminology. This listing starts to get more technical in the definitions pertaining to the MS Windows operating system. It will be the basis for future articles on troubleshooting a personal computer.

Slow Computer Performance
Over time the amount of software and processes increase in the typical computer which starts have have an adverse affect on the performance - this article provides a overall description of how this occurs and a general overview of how it can be fixed. This is the first in a two part series.

Graphical User Interface Definitions
Part three of the glossary of computer definitions. This listing provides terminology for components that are a part of a graphical user interface. These interfaces are typically operating systems such as MS Windows.

How Computers Work
This article lists the different articles, with descriptions, the comprise the How Computers Work series. The articles cover the different components of the personal computer and how they work.

Computer Software Explained
The eighth article in the series how computers work. This article explores the different types of software available for the personal computer.

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