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Katyn by Andrzej Wajda, a film review
Every country has events that come back still unsolved. One of them is Katyn Massacre that was screened by Wajda. Although not all the documents concerning Katyn are public, the director tried to show the suffering and sacrafice of victims and their families.

The legend of Pan Twardowski
Magicians are very often characters of folklore tales and believes. Pan Twardowski is a Polish legendary sorcerer who is believed to have outwitted the devil. His person, most probably based on real individual, inspired numerous poets and novelists.

Warsaw Uprising of 1944
One of the most important events for Poles within the WW II is the Uprising. It was the expression of hopes and dignity, however, it brought mass casualties and great loss to Polish capital and its heritage.

Miracles of Saint Jadwiga
Saint Jadwiga of Poland, the only female king of the country, is especially known for her pious life that is said to include numerous miracles. This young woman is one of the most important saints in Polish culture.

St Jadwiga, the only female king of Poland
The life of Jadwiga, saint and monarch of Poland, is admired by the Poles. Her goodness and charity work was rewarded with canonization in 1997. Although she lived only 25 years, she influenced people through her deeds and donations.

Forbidden Songs, a film review
The film is a tribute to patriotic songs that give hope even during the hardest times. The plot takes place between 1939 ansd 1945 in occupied Warsaw. Its main character is music that gave hope to ordinary people and was their only weapon in this period.

Monte Cassino, Polish pride in Italy
When visiting Italy many Poles do not forget about Monte Cassino and Polish cemetery that is located on the hill. It reminds of the battle that took place there and input of Polish troops in regaining the power by allies over the city of Rome.

The Valley of Five Lakes
One of most beautiful places is situated in Polish part of High Tatras and is still easily accessible by most of the tourists. The Valley of Five Lakes offers beautiful nature and wooden mountain shelter to rest in.

Where the bisons stroll...
The immense primeval forest is situated in the east of Poland, in Bialowieza National Park. The protected area offers its visitors extinct species of plants and animals. Among them the most popular are the Oak of Jagiello and European Bison.

The best Polish cartoons
Polish bed time stories for children would bring the audience into the world of imagination, animals or naughty children that always happily get out of troubles. The period of the best Polish animated series was between 1960 and 1980.

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