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Polish sweet main dishes
Sweetness may be associated with dessert. However, there is in Poland a great variety of sweet dishes that the Poles treat as the main meal of the day. In this article you may find some examples of Polish sweet cuisine.

The first capital of Poland
Gniezno is connected with the legend that explains the beginnings of Poland. Its name, deriving most probably from the Polish word ‘nest’, is associated with the white eagle that composes the emblem of the country. Gniezno was the seat of first Polish rulers.

Our Folks – one of the best Polish comedies
The story of two quarrelling families, Karguls and Pawlaks, that were resettled after the WW II, still brings laugh to older and younger generations. This fabulous comedy is one of the favourites in Poland.

The Red Guitars – Polish Beatles
One of the most popular Polish bands of 1960s is ‘Czerwone Gitary’. The band played rock pop music and their style resembled ‘The Beatles’. Many of their songs became the classic of Polish music.

Christmas Market in Krakow
On the last day of the year, Krakow Main Market Square hosts one of the biggest parties ever! Visitors and locals express their joy over the forthcoming year with the glass of champaigne.

Easter dishes
The time when the Christians celebrate Resurrection of Jesus, announces also the end of the Lent, when eating many dishes is forbidden. Therefore the days of Easter are also the days when Polish tables are covered with delicious meals and various pastries.

Easter tradition in Poland
Poland is known as a Catholic country, therefore Easter is a bank holiday that most of the Poles celebrate. It differs a lot from Christmas, however, it is also the time spent with family. Holy Week brings a lot of reflection but also hope for revival.

Polish names
The Poles used to use traditional names of Slavic origin. As the Christianity came, the new fashion appeared. Nowadays there are only few typical Slavic names in use, while other are adjusted to Polish transcription and pronounciation.

The Little Beans – children’s idols
Fasolki is the name of the band that performs songs for children. The group, created in 1980s, has its strong position in the history of Polish music for the youngest. ┬┤The Little Beans┬┤ songs entertain the next generation which is familiar with their music.

Tricity at the Baltic Sea coast
Tricity consists of three Polish cities situated along the coast at the Baltic Sea. Each of them is of different size and architecture, providing different ambience and sights worth visiting for the tourists.

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