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Warsaw – history and modernity in one
Warsaw can easily compete with other European capital cities. Modern and developed Polish capital provides its citizens good standard of living. In Warsaw, however, one can still feel the past that shaped its history and architecture.

Savouring Highlanders’ culture in Zakopane
The area nearby Polish mountains is a place where the folk tradition is still alive. You can still see there inhabitants dressed in folk costumes attending Sunday mass while the restaurants prepare for the visitors show – consisting of folk music and dances.

Screened histories of famous Poles
You can read many books on famous Poles but there are also couple of films that portray important persons from Poland. Although they usually do not cover their all life – they might be a good start in getting to know more.

Find the Poles in Internet.
At the end of 2006 millions of Poles went crazy for Internet portal that enables to search for friends from their school. Soon they started to use it as a space to contact with old and new friends, former teachers and family members.

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Things that Poles do...
There are many customs and traditions that are unique for the Poles, while foreigners would consider them strange or understandable. As soon as you learn them, you will not feel a stranger among citizens of Poland.

Learning history through films
Many Polish historical novels were screened by famous directors. They tell a lot about the great times of the country and provide the viewer with depiction of costumes and traditions that were characteristic for given periods.

Golabki (stuffed cabbage) recipe
Although the name ‘golabki’ stands for little pigeons – the dish has nothing to do with these birds. It consists of stuffed cabbage with filling made of rice, barely and meat or mushrooms. It tastes delicious with sauce.

The holiest site of Poland
The most important shrine of Poland is situated in Jasna Gora monastery in Czestochowa. The site is connected with icon of Virgin Mary – called Black Madonna – to which many miracles are attributed.

The Salt Mine in Wieliczka
Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most precious tourist sites of Poland. In recent surveys it was pointed out as one of the wonders of the country. Despite its long history, it still amazes all the visitors with long tunnels, chapels and salt sculptures.

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