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Polish language
Polish language belongs to the group of Western Slavonic languages and shares many similarities with Slovak or Kashubian. The article tells a brief history about Polish, its dialects and main differences between English grammar.

Legend about Krakow trumpeter
The legend about the bugle call is connected with the Tatar invasion that occurred in 1241. Although the connection was not proved, the unfinished tune is still played from the tower of St Mary’s Church in Krakow.

Ruthenian (Russian) Dumplings recipe
The Russian style dumplings are very popular among the Poles and are also one of favourite meals of visitors to the country. As the recipe for the dumplings is very easy, you may try to make them yourself at home.

Legendary beginnings of Poland
The legend of three brothers – Lech, Czech and Rus – explains the use of white eagle as a national symbol of Poland. The story tells also why the first legendary capital of Poland was called Gniezno and where the Piast dynasty comes from.

Krakow - enchanting city.
The Royal City of Krakow is especially popular among the tourists. It is not only the history and monuments that make it exceptional but also cultural events and unique ambience. It is recommended place for a visit for holidays or romantic trip.

The Poles get married!
For many people Polish weddings might seem exceptional – not only because of the amount of vodka that is drunk throughout the night but also unique tradition that it involves. Learn what to expect from the Polish wedding and reception.

Guest in house, God in house!
In traditional Polish families it is believed that guests bring blessing to the house that they visit. Therefore the guests are taken care of with attention and are treated to the feast organised by the housewife. Food and alcoholic drinks will be served during the visit.

Chrust (Faworki) Recipe
Recipe for traditional Polish pastry straws called Chrust (or Faworki) that are especially popular during time of carnival and on Fat Thursday celebrations. Easy to make, Faworki will provide a lot of joy to Polish cuisine lovers.

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Polish Easter celebrations
The article describes main traditions and customs that are cultivated during Easter in homes of the Polish people. Get to know how the Poles spend Wielkanoc (Easter) – the most important period of Christian tradition.

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