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September 11th 2010 & Freedom for all
A tribute to the world, who suffered from the attacks that day, as well as a glimpse of other countries where women's freedom is a foreign concept.

The recent changes to pap smear guidelines
If you were happy to hear, you could wait to have a pap smear every three years, you may want to rethink that.

Laura Bush is Pro-Choice
Whatever your opinion of her husband, You may be surprised to learn more of the Former First Lady and her own opinions and causes.

Are you out, about your abortion?
The stigma is strong, and many remain silent, but there are people who are out about their abortions, or outed by the people they told in confidence.

Samantha Burton V. The State of Florida
Samantha Burton went to a Tallahassee hospital fearing pre-term labor. Instead of allowing a second opinion, she was slapped with a confinement order to hospital bed rest. She never took her baby home.

Birth control risks that may reduce effectiveness
Did you know that the medications you take and even food you eat, can reduce the effectiveness of your birth control?

Adiana Permanent Contraception
The FDA approves a non invasive permanent birth control for women.

The Candies Foundation
Celebrities help to shatter the image that teen pregnancy is cool.

Condoms and STD's
When protection does not fully protect you

Abortion Coercion
Abortion Coercion is the Unchoice, and is just as bad, if not worse, than having no choice at all.

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