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Andrew Carnegie
Born in 1835 in Dunfermline, Andrew Carnegie spent much of his life in America where he became one of the richest men in the world, donating more money to good causes than most people would ever earn.

Scottish Oats
Oats have been a staple Scottish food for centuries. They can survive harsh climates and be cooked simply and easily to provide food to nourish a family. Classic Scottish dishes that use oats include brose, cranachan, haggis and porridge.

Gift Ideas - Scottish History
There are masses of books about Scottish history, often specifically related to individuals or periods. There are also some excellent books that take in the whole sweep of Scottish history, acknowledging that the oral tradition has helped shape the land.

David Livingstone - Doctor, Missionary, Explorer
Dr David Livingstone, born in 1813 in Lanarkshire, is perhaps best known as an explorer, yet he was also a medical doctor and a missionary. He spent much of his adult life in Africa, where he explored uncharted territories, discovering the Victoria Falls which he named after his Queen.

John Brown
John Brown, close confidante of Queen Victoria, was said by some to have more than a friendship with the queen he faithfully served after the death of her husband Albert.

The Antonine Wall
The Antonine Wall, built by the Romans, stretched from the River Clyde in west Scotland to the River Forth in east Scotland. This was the final frontier for the Romans in Britain, a huge piece of builidng work which they abandoned within a generation. The Antonine Wall is a World Heritage site.

Dornoch Cathedral
Dornoch Cathedral is an ancient building in a small town in the Scottish Highlands. Established by Bishop Gilbert in 1224, the building has experienced both riches and ruin.

The Orkney Islands
The Orkney Islands, off Scotland's north-east coast, are rich in history, from a Viking cathedral to a wealth of prehistoric sites.

You Are What You Eat Cookbook - Book Review
Gillian McKeith's television series You Are What You Eat challenged people to look at their diet and use her principles of healthy eating to lose weight. Her cookbook includes recipies from smoothies to desserts which are healthy, low fat, low sugar and frequently gluten free.

Gretna Green
Gretna Green, close to Scotland's border with England, used to welcome eloping couples keen to marry quickly and easily, often due to the fact that they did not have parental approval for their actions.

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