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Playstation 1/2 Review Archive
The Playstation 2 is able to play games from both the PS1 and PS2. What great luck for all PS2 owners!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 is about as good as you can imagine getting in both a fun pasttime and a learning experience. Golf fans take note!

Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough
Need help with Final Fantasy IX? Here´s a walkthrough to help you get your clues!

Final Fantasy IX Great for All Ages
Final Fantasy IX goes back to its cartoony roots, setting aside the gorgeous characterizations of FF8. While FF8 was like playing characters in a well done anime movie, FF IX has you controlling rounded, playful looking characters that give the game

Armored Core 2 not quite solid
When we got a Playstation 2, the first PS2 game we put into it was Armored Core 2, by Agetec. This game style is definitely one we enjoy a great deal. Unfortunately, it appears they rushed this game out the door a bit too quickly.

Orphen: the annoying little sister of the PS2
I love role playing games, and the Playstation 2 graphics were incredible on some of the other games we´ve played. When I popped Orphen into the CD player, I was really expecting something spectacular. Unfortunately, the game didn´t quite live up to

Evergrace: A good idea behind a PS2 RPG
Evergrace is a traditional action/RPG game that suffers because it is one of the first releases for the new PlayStation 2. It is expected to contain high quality graphics and sound, and unfortunately it has neither.

Eternal Ring for the PS2
I´m a huge RPG fan, and got this immediately for the PS2. You are Cain, son of a noble father who wishes to help the King. A typical beginning, and unfortunately the first-person shooter graphics are also of Playstation-One quality, hardly taking adv

Moto GP - a dream motorcycle game
This game is GREAT fun if you´re any sort of race-game enthusiast. We ride motorcycles and got this immediately to see how well it did. We were extremely impressed.

Spyro 3 - Year of the Dragon
This is the third in the Spyro-the-dragon action game series, and it´s definitely the best. In addition to Spyro you get to control a number of other characters, each with its own moves. Agent 9, the Space Monkey, is perhaps my favorite!

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