Eternal Ring for the PS2

Eternal Ring  for the PS2
I'm a huge RPG fan, and got this immediately for the PS2. You are Cain, son of a noble father who wishes to help the King. A typical beginning, and unfortunately the first-person shooter graphics are also of Playstation-One quality, hardly taking advantage of the speed and power of the PS2.

The cut scenes are uninspiring, with mouths moving much longer than it takes to get through the text. The monsters, like tadpoles and wasps, will drop water gems and feather gems for you to collect. The graphics are reasonable, but not up to some of the other PS2 game levels. Really, though, what you seek are the rings.

There are tons of rings in the game, and by equipping combinations of them you can create yourself a great number of spells or powers. Gameplay in this sense is quite intriguing - you can easily get caught up in gathering rings, figuring out which items work best for your style of gameplay, and fight to the end. Combat is reasonably interesting.

In general, though, I play RPG and action games not just to shoot hordes of monsters, but to really get involved with the characters. I just can't care about Cain - he has no personality, and it often seems like just a dungeon crawl (i.e. killing anything in your path) instead of a real game. I think they might have rushed this one to get out in time for the PS2 release, and hope that their next release will spend more time in development.

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