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Sports Champions PS3
Sports Champions is the default PS3 Move game that comes with the PS3 Move Starter pack. It's important to note that you MUST have a Move system in order to play this game!

PlayStation Move Starter Bundle
If you've ever seen how a Wii works, with waving controllers, then you have a sense of what the PS3 Move is all about. This system brings your PS3 into the world of motion sensing technology. It ends up being both better and worse than the Wii.

PS3 and Instant Streaming Netflix
If you are a fan of the PS3, your PS3 just got even more cool. Netflix now offers instant streaming of movies and TV shows - *without* a Netflix DVD in the system. This means you can keep your favorite game in there while you watch your shows.

Folding @ Home - Cancer Research
Do you own a PS3? Make sure you sign up for Folding @ Home! This FREE software program turns your PS3 into a research station, helping scientists to build a massive world wide system that works on medical breakthroughs!

Timeshift - PS3
Timeshift is a first person shooter for the PS3 that combines Half Life 2's dystopian future with Prince of Persia's time-changing abilities.

White Knight Chronicles - PS3
A mix between a normal JRPG and an MMO-style cooperative game, "White Knight Chronicles" has some interesting ideas, but an abhorrently stapled-together production.

Red Dead Redemption - PS3
More than a normal sandbox game, Red Dead Redemption uses a lot of specific features and stylistic choices from the GTA series.

Sony PS3 as a BluRay Player
Yes, the Sony PS3 is an awesome gaming device. For many users, its ability to be a fully functional BluRay movie player is just as important - if not MORE important. How well does it perform this functionality?

An action-RPG from the makers of "Drakengard", Nier is an intriguing game for a few different reasons. Its complex plot and setting, in conjunction with exciting gameplay and absolutely breathtaking design, makes for a game that initially seems good.

Nyko PS3 HDMI Cable
The best way to get a high quality screen from your PlayStation 3 is with a high quality HDMI cable. This single cable carries both the audio and video signal to your TV in one 9 foot long package.

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