PlayStation Move Starter Bundle

PlayStation Move Starter Bundle
If you've ever seen how a Wii works, with waving controllers, then you have a sense of what the PS3 Move is all about. This system brings your PS3 into the world of motion sensing technology. It ends up being both better and worse than the Wii.

PS3 Move This PlayStation Move Starter Bundle is just that - the bare bones to get you started in the world of "Move". You get the camera, which is absolutely necessary. You get a controller, which is also necessary. Then you also get one game, which isn't exactly necessary, but is fun.

Camera: The camera is the core of the Move system. Where the Nintendo Wii has tilt sensors in their controllers, to know which way you're angling your hands, the PS3 takes a different route. They literally have a camera pointed at you to see what you are doing. This means they can have very fine responses to your movements. You can swing hard or soft, slow or fast, high or low, and the camera tracks it all.

This is great because the level of detail is great. This is also challenging because it means you have to stand where their CAMERA wants you to stand, in their "box". Normally with our Wii we stand anywhere we want, close or far apart, based on the game. Here you really don't have a choice. That can be challenging for people with less-than-ideal living room layouts.

Controller - The main controller for Move looks like a magic want with a globe stuck on the top of it. The globes light up with different colors which is neat. They are comfortable enough in your hand. Many games, though, want a single person to have two of these globe-controllers, one for each hand. Other games want you to have the globe controller in one hand and the secondary controller in another. Since this starter pack only comes with one globe controller and nothing else, it means you'll have challenges playing many of the one player games, never mind any two player games.

Game - The starter pack comes with "Sports Champions" which has a number of basic sports games - disc golf, archery, table tennis, sword fighting, and that sort of thing. Again some of these games want you to have two controllers just for one person to enjoy it fully. If you want two people to play, you need two controllers. So just buying this starter pack alone will NOT be enough. You'll want to buy extra controllers as well.

I have full length reviews of each of the components (for example the wand controller) separately in their single item sale locations, rather than turning this starter bundle review into a gigantic 8 page opus. Suffice it to say, if you enjoy games that involve movement, you'll want to get this starter pack - but you should also promptly buy more controllers and better games. There is a lot of potential here, it's all a matter of setting up your room to handle the requirements, and then buying games you love to play!

It's worth noting that the Move system is only going to work with games that were coded to use the Move system. You can't randomly stick in any old PS3 game and expect it to know how to use the Move system inputs.

Well recommended.

Rating: 9/10

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