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How to Buy gifts for the Visually Impaired/Blind!
What’s the best method for purchasing a gift for a visually impaired/blind person? Buying a gift for the visually disabled sounds like an easy tasks but unforeseen obstacles prevent the purchase of certain types of gifts. Here’s help preventing the purchase of the wrong gift or a gift returned!

Reizen Analog Water Resistant Talking Watch Review
Buying A talking product is difficult. How do you know the product is usable by the visually disabled person? Sometimes the process requires trial and error. I purchased a Reizen Analog Water resistant Talking watch, find out how well I did with my purchase. Good or Bad?

Effective Pediatric Vision Screening Methods
How does an ophthalmologists screen the vision of an infant? How can parents of newborn infants use household items to test the development of a child vision as young as six months? Where can you view two video clips dealing with infant visual development from the popular DVD, “What Can Babies Do?”

Choosing a White Cane Advantages and Disadvantages
How does a visually impaired person choose the correct white cane? What criteria are necessary for choosing the right cane? How much should you pay for a cane? I include information I obtained from trial and error from years of traveling with white canes plus identify my favorite type of cane.

An Eye on Vision Issues Shop
Do you know where to find Free narrated movies and TV shows for the blind? Do you want to know what products work best for a visually impaired person? Would you like to read a personal review of products like a talking clock? Visit the vision shop.

Tel-Time Pyramid Talking Alarm clock Review
What time is it? The visually impaired accomplish finding the time of day differently, most of the time with the aid of a talking product. Talking products assist the visually impaired to complete daily tasks. The Tel-Time Pyramid Talking Alarm Clock is a great example! It’s one of my favorites.

Magenta Gets Glasses Blues Clues Child Book Review
Experiencing an eye exam and getting glasses is scary for children. Do you know how the child’s book, “Magenta Gets Glasses” paralleling an episode with the same title from the Blue’s Clues children show makes the experience easier? Also, included is information for viewing a helpful YouTube video.

What to know on vision for newborns and toddlers!
Do you know what signs or symptoms indicate vision problems for children? Do you know the growth intervals for vision screening recommended by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Academy of Pediatrics? Does family history play a role in vision screenings for infants?

Where Can You Find narrated movies for the Blind?
Where can the visually impaired find narrated movies without ordering? Is a channel of narrated movies and television shows available? Is the Narrative TV Channel easily accessible to the visually impaired? Introduce to a visually affected person the enjoyment of narrated TV shows and movies, today!

Is ordering glasses online cheaper, safe and easy?
Is ordering glasses online cheaper? Is the process easy? What do I need to order glasses online? Learn how to make buying your next pair of glasses or sunglasses fun, secure and economical.

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