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January Events Calendar
January is Celebration of Life Month. To symbolize a new year and a new beginning to find happiness in life.

Working Moms Find the Top 100 Places to Work 2003
Which are the companies that welcome moms. The companies listed in the top 100 of Working Mothers Magazine are ´mom friendly.

Kids' Time-Out Tip: Cook together, play together
Would you like more quality time with your kids... and you don´t mean plopping down in front of the TV? Get back to basics with these ideas for cooking and playing together.

10 Tips For Holding A Successful Family Meeting
Regular family meetings are a great way to open communication between children and parents. Get started with these suggestions from the authors of "Our Family Meeting Book."

Wedding details - Don't Forget Your Work/Family Plan
Isn't it romantic... how you'll both share work and family responsibilities when you are married? Well, it can be, if you talk it out before exchanging vows.

Review: Why A Daughter Needs A Dad
A father´s love can mean the difference between a healthy, stable childhood and one that´s not. For a girl, it can also show her what to expect from her future relationships and can provide a haven when the world´s not what it should be. Here's a lovely book that celebrates the father-daughter bond

Stay-At-Home Mom? Take Time For Yourself
Stay-at-home moms can burn out just as easily as their career-mother counterparts. If you've made motherhood your full-time profession, make sure to take time out for yourself so you can enjoy your kids more, and be a better mom.

Traveling On Business? Get The Latest SARS Tips
Does your career or business send you off to handle projects or meetings abroad? If you, here´s how to safeguard yourself with the latest medical advice and news about SARS.

First-time working mom? Balance your roles
First-time moms may not realize how much life will change when their baby is born. You should get more than just lessons on changing diapers and giving baths. Find out how motherhood will change your identity and plan how to balance your new roles.

I Don't Know How She Does It: The Life Of Kate Reddy, Working Mother
Any woman who´s tried to balance a career with motherhood may see a glimpse of herself in the Work & Family Book Club pick for April. Read this review of how protagonist Kate Ruddy juggles her high-powered fund-manager job with mothering her two small children.

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