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Yoga Sequence for Wednesday

This yoga sequence corresponds to the 2nd Chakra, the Sacral. The Sacral Chakra emphasizes emotions such as desire, pleasure, sexuality, and creativity. The Chakras can be visualized as wheels, vibrating and spinning energy, keeping us both physically and mentally, in balance. The Sacral Chakra. A blockage in the Sacral Chakra can cause emotional problems such as compulsive obsessive behavior.

Here is a yoga sequence that will help keep your Sacral Chakra in balance.
Wednesday Yoga Sequence

Moon Salutations will help warm up your muscles for the rest of your practice. I recommend going through the flow slow and focused. You can repeat the Moon Salutation as many times as you like.
o Begin the salutation in Hero pose, sitting on your heels, with hands in front of your heart
o Come up on your knees lifting your arms overhead with your palms together
o Come back to original position and fold forward into Child’s Pose, which is folding onto the floor with arms stretched forward in front of you and your forehead to the ground.
o Come up onto your hands and knees into a Table Pose.
o Begin a Cat Stretch. Lift your head, face forward. Draw forward through your hands and chest.
o At the same time lift your tail bone towards the sky.
o From this position drop your head, round your back as high as you can and tuck your tailbone
o Repeat the Cat Stretch (arching and rounding) three times
o From here drop down onto your stomach and do a Cobra Pose
o Stretch your legs out long behind you pushing your hips into the floor
o Lift your head and chest stretching forward through your chest; keep your arms straight but with a slight bend in the elbows
o Come back into Table Pose, on hands and knees
o Lift your tailbone high and come into a Downward Facing Dog
o Lengthen up through your tailbone and press towards the wall behind your
o Press forward through the palms of your hands, lengthen your arms
o If you can’t get your heels to the floor don’t worry, you can keep working on it
o Lower yourself to Table Pose and then sit back on your heels in Hero Pose
o End with your hands in front of your heart. Namaste`

Twisting Triangle
• In a standing position spread your legs wide apart
• Open your arms into a T position
• Bend and take your right hand towards the left foot
• Come up and repeat on other side
• Continue for a total of 5 to each side

Goddess Pose
• Stay in the standing position used in Twisting Triangle
• Bend both knees and lower your tailbone like you are coming into a squat
• Arms are in a T – bend elbows and turn palms to face out
• Hold for 5-8 breaths

Pigeon Pose
• Come into a Table Pose
• Lift your tailbone into a Downward Facing Dog
• Lift your right leg straight out behind you, then draw your knee through your hands and place the bent leg on the floor in front of you
• Lower yourself and drop your left knee straighten the leg out behind you
• Your right knee can be bent holding the foot close to the groin or move the foot forward carefully into a comfortable position
• Adjust your pelvis so it is facing straight
• Your chest is lifted and your arms can be folded behind your back, hands in front of the heart, or palms on the floor in front of with arms straight holding you in place
• Hold for 5 breaths then fold forward and stretch your arms out in front of you into Sleeping Pigeon – hold for 5-8 breaths

Cobbler’s Pose,
• Coming up from sleeping pigeon bend and swing your left leg around in front of you
• Bring the soles of the feet together
• Hold your feet or ankles
• Lift your chest and your face
• Hold for 8 breaths

Repeat Pigeon Pose and Cobbler' Pose leading with the left leg

This sequence has the advanced Pigeon Pose. This is a wonderful pose for opening the chest and the hips. You may have to work with modifications for awhile until you find your place in the pose. The transition into Cobbler’s Pose can be awkward for some people. You can always just come out of Pigeon and sit into Cobbler’s Pose.

Always check with a medical professional before practicing this yoga sequence or any type of physical activity. Live well, practice yoga.

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