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Are You Ready to Stop the Excuses?

Are you ready to stop the excuses and start living your life? I recently had a CAbi party and a friend of mine declined to attend. Her excuse was that she had gained some weight and none of the clothes would fit her, so she didnít want to get more depressed. More recently, I wanted to run and hide when I had to go to a Grand Opening Celebration of my clients. I had developed a huge pimple right in the center of my forehead. I had acne as a teenager, but acne at 44 years of ageÖitís so unfair. I was trying to think up every possible excuse Ė Iím too busy, my husband has a previous engagement, I donít feel well - to get me out of this function. I was sure that everyone would stare and talk about me behind my back.

We often go happily through life and then something shakes us out of our comfort zone. You may get invited to a party or your high school reunion. Your dream man may ask you to go out on a date or even worse, on the vacation of a life-time. The party, the reunion, the man, the adventure of a life-time can all be stopped dead by your excuses. I canít see those people becauseÖ, I canít go out with him becauseÖ, what if he wants toÖ?, you fill in your favorite excuse.

Excuses let you off the hook. They also prevent you from having a little fun and achieving your fullest potential, including accepting your body just as it is. So listen to your words next time someone invites you out to dinner or a party. The excuses will be hidden within your complaints. Letís face it, we all complain, but what do you complain about? Here are some of the more common excuses Ė and I have used one or two of them myself: Iím too busy; I have a slow metabolism; I have no motivation; Iím lazy; I eat too much; Iím too tired; my back hurts so I canít work out, I will never look like I did when I was younger so why bother; Iím too old; Iím sick; I have a bad knee; I donít want to get more depressed; I donít want people to talk behind my backÖ What are you missing out on because of your body?

I wanted to get over my body and on with my life. If this is your desire, there are different ways to accomplish this. You have to decide what will work for you. There is no one ďrightĒ way to find freedom. For me, I put on lots of make-up and forced myself to go to the Grand Opening saying to myself that I only have to stay for a few minutes just to show my face.

If we donít face our excuses, we wonít be able live to our full potential. I might not be completely healed when it comes to my body issues and I may not be fearless in every situation, but I consistently make an effort to confront and tear down my excuses. My friend missed out on a lovely evening with friends, food and drink, not to mention the clothes. She told me later that she not only felt depressed on the night of the CAbi party but she felt lonely because she wasnít a part of the festivities. I, however, ended up having a very good time at the Grand Opening. Nobody stared or even commented Ė perhaps I got lucky and my make-up application gave sufficient coverage. Actually, I just saw some of the pictures from the event on the spaís FaceBook page and my pimple was hardly noticeable. Believe me I studied those pictures. So, all that worrying and self-loathing was for nothing.

I am asking you to think twice before you give that ďperfectĒ excuse and decline your next invitation. Stop waiting for perfection. Start living now. You deserve it!

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