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Yoga Exercises For Eye Protection

Our eyes are our view of the universe. Everything we perceive comes from our vision, and it makes sense to protect the eyes as best we can. Yoga traditions believe that eye exercises are paramount to maintaining healthy vision, and reducing eye fatigue.

In these days of technology the eyes are constantly being assaulted with images on screens via television, computers, and mobile phones. Using any of these devices for extended periods of time can cause headaches, dry eyes, watery eyes, reduced vision, and eye fatigue.

By taking some precautions now you can start to improve your eye health, and maintain vision in later life. Probably the most common means of protecting our eyes is to wear sunglasses; however, it is also beneficial to be in natural light as much as possible while avoiding harsh glaring light. Soft candle light is gentle on the eyes in the evenings.

Washing the eyes with cold water in the morning and evening is beneficial. The use of an eye bath assists this. If you don’t possess an eye bath, simply place some water in the palm of your hand, and blink the eye into it a few times. Do this with both eyes. It has a refreshing affect, and assists in energizing the eyes.

Here are a few simple yoga exercises that can greatly assist with protecting the eyes.

Vertical Movement

• Sit either cross-legged on the floor or in an upright chair.
• Keep the neck and spine straight.
• Regulate the breath.
• With eyes gently open start to look move the pupils to look upwards.
• Do not move the head.
• Then bring the pupils down as if looking at the tip of the nose.
• Start off slowly and build up to looking up and down 15 times quite briskly.
• When finished gently close the eyes for around 30 seconds.

Horizontal Movement

• Moving on from the above exercise.
• With eyes open start to move the eyes from left to right as if trying to see each ear.
• Just move the pupils and not the head.
• Do 15 times. Once equates to looking left and right.
• Start slowly again and build up to brisk eye movements.
• Close the eyes for 30 seconds when finished.

Circular Movement

• Moving on from the last exercise, gently gaze in front of you.
• Move the pupils to looking upwards and start to rotate them clockwise.
• Look up, look right, look down and look left.
• Continue to move the pupils in this way 15 times.
• Again, don’t move the head at all.
• When you have completed 15 rotations gently close your eyes for 30 seconds and repeat anti-clockwise.


• Moving on from the last exercise, hold the hand in a fist with the thumb sticking upwards.
• Hold the hand out in front at arm’s length.
• Gently gaze at a point beyond the thumb.
• Hold the gaze and move the thumb towards the face.
• As it gets closer fix the gaze on the thumb.
• Take the hand back out and fix the gaze beyond the thumb again.
• Repeat this 15 times and rest with eyes closed for 30 seconds when finished.


• To rest the eyes fully after the above exercises, cup both palms over the eyes so no light can enter.
• Hold there for 30 seconds or up to a minute.

I suggest doing these exercises morning and evening after bathing the eyes. Some people report improved eye sight, and a reduction in fatigue. Taking these few steps may just change your life.

Happy practicing!

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