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A Yoga Primer Chakras - Root Chakra

Chakras are energy centers throughout the body each with their own distinct characteristics. There are 7 Chakras running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Chakras can be visualized as wheels, vibrating and spinning energy, keeping us both physically and mentally, in balance.

The 7 Chakras are:

1.Muladhara or Root Chakra
2.Svadihisthana or Sacral Chakra
3.Manipra or Solar Plexus Chakra
4.Anahata or Heart Chakra
5.Vishudha or Throat Chakra
6.Ajna or Third Eye Chakra
7.Sahasrara or Crown Chakra

This week we will study the Root Chakra:
Each Chakra is very unique, here are some characteristics.

•Location: Between the anus and genitals
•Color: Red
•Stresses, physical and mental issues: Connection with survival and the physical needs to structure security and shelter.
•Glands and body parts associated: adrenal glands, bones, skeletal structure
•Sense: Smell
•Astrological Sign: Capricorn
•Forms of healing: crystals, Chakra stones, essential oils, meditation, yoga
•Yoga poses recommended for the root chakra:
Warrior I and II
Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Following are some affirmations that affect the root chakra. Use these when you meditate and it will help keep your chakras balanced. However, it is important that you believe in yourself and the affirmation.

• The power of the earth supports me
• I am happy, healthy, and safe
• My body is special as I walk on the earth
• I am Truth
• I trust the Universe with my course of my life

If a Chakra is out of balance you will likely experience some type of discomfort related to position of the Chakra within the body. There are different modalities used to heal the Chakras, here are a few:

• Meditation
• Physical activity such as yoga
• Essential oils used in aromatherapy
• Crystals and stones associated with the root chakra are: bloodstone, obsidian, onyx, hematite, and tiger’s eye.

A meditation for the Root Chakra

Sitting in a comfortable position close your eyes. Roll your shoulders back and down. Relax your face and jaw. Feel anxiety and stress flow away from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet.

Picture the red root chakra at the base of your spine as it spins and spreads positive energy throughout your body. Feel the energy move up your spine creating warmth and ask yourself what you may need from the root chakra, the chakra that provides security and safeness.

Mentally ask yourself if you feel confident, sheltered, protected. Dwell here for a moment focusing on the question.

Now visualize yourself being wrapped gently in loving arms. You feel warm, content, safe, all your needs have been met. Rest here in this place.

Live well, practice yoga

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