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Pure Water

Next to clean air, pure water is most important to your health. Your body’s about 60% water and water’s absolutely essential to just about every metabolic process in your body. You can live for weeks without food, but only a few days without water.

So, are you drinking your 8 glasses a day? Probably not. But don’t feel you’re all alone, because statistics show that water is one of the most abused elements in the average diet. Most people are drinking coffee, colas and carbonated fruit flavored drinks instead. Compared to water, all of these can cause serious health problems.

But it’s easy to see why these alternatives are the beverages of choice. Number one, they’re heavily advertised by Madison Avenue. And, Number two, they’re highly addictive. Do you suppose the manufacturers and advertisers know that? More than likely they do.

However, you can still make up your own mind. So consider the possibility of switching to water. If your tap water is not the best, you can find quality bottled spring water in most any grocery store. Or, you might even consider getting a good solid carbon block water filter. (Just make sure it’s not granular carbon with added silver.) Solid carbon block filters are not that expensive and, in the long run, can save you a lot of money over buying bottled water.

Pure water contains no caffeine stimulants, no potentially harmful additives and no empty calories. And if you’re interested in weight loss or healthy weight maintenance, consider the “water diet”. By just switching to water from high calorie sodas and alcoholic beverages, you could lose ten to twenty pounds a year. And drinking your eight glasses a day will fill you up so much, it can help you cut down on overeating for even more lost pounds.

If you decide to get off caffeine (coffee and caffeinated soft drinks), you don’t have to do it “cold turkey.” Many say caffeine withdrawal is worse than that from most addictive drugs. So it’s best to start slowly. Substitute a couple of glasses of water the first week and a couple more the next week. By week number three; you should be able to avoid most withdrawal reactions.

And, you never can tell, maybe you’ll even learn to love water. I do. Water quenches thirst better than anything else. I’ve drunk nothing but pure water and healthful herbal teas for many years and I think it’s great. I never have to decide between alternatives. I keep my calories down and never feel jittery or lose any sleep.

I suggest you give water serious consideration. To quote Madison Avenue and apply advertising to something really good for you: Pure Water – “Try it. You’ll like it!”

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