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Dealing with Toxic People

You know the type...constantly negative, abusive and they waste your valuable time. Toxic people are the ones who drain your energy. These people are dangerous not only to your physical health but to your mental health and self-esteem as well. These people can stress you out to the point of suffering from heart attacks, strokes or depression.

So, what do you do? Here are some ways of dealing with toxic people.

1. Remain Positive. Positive thinking is the enemy of toxic people. Fight back by telling these negative thinking people just how happy you are. The key is to never let their negativity bring down your happiness. The happier you are the more they lose their power over you.

2. Let them know how you feel. Sometimes this can be a daunting task, but a necessary one. You may want to rehearse your side of the conversation a few times before having the conversation. Tell the toxic person in your life how they treat you and that you normally donít tolerate this kind of treatment from others. Be explicit on what they're doing and how it hurts you. This may be a long and tearful conversation but it is your moment to shine.

3. Put your foot down. You are the boss of your life! Show the toxic person that by setting up some ground rules. Tell them how toxic their behavior is and how you refuse to continue to tolerate it.

4. Cut them off. Misery loves company and toxic people love to complain especially about their problems. By listening to their constant complaining, you are feeding them with the fuel they need to keep their fire burning. Stop feeding these toxic people with your time and energy and they will move on.

5. Fight Fire with Fire. A toxic person hates it when they get a dose of their own medicine. So if you have a toxic person who is needy, be needy back. If they complain, become the biggest complainer in the world. For those who like to make you feel guilty, turn the tables and make them feel guilty about a project that they are trying to accomplish. This may seem a little petty but it will open on the toxic personís eyes and give you the upper hand. Just donít become a toxic person yourself.

If all else fails and none of these options work then...

6. Declutter. No, you wonít be cleaning your house. You will be decluttering your life. Clutter can be defined as anything unwanted and a toxic person can definitely be described as unwanted. You've given chance after chance, done everything possible, but it didn't work. You donít want clutter to drain your energy any longer, so it's time to let go of this toxic person for good. You can do this in person or by letter, but do it! They may try to make you out to be the ďbad guyĒ for not wanting them in your life anymore. Donít listen and be strong. After, you may feel a whole host of feelings from guilt to being upset for a while, but these feelings will pass. You did what was best for you and you'll be happier in the end.

Donít let a toxic person destroy your self-esteem. Use the above methods to get them out of your life and enjoy a positive, healthy life.

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