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New Year's Resolution?
New year's resolutions can be a set up for failure...especially if you are making them for the wrong reasons. Sometimes the best resolution is to just let go and experience what is meant for you. Read more in this article.

A Personal Peace
Christmas and holiday planning can be so stressful it seems impossible to achieve any sense of peace. But you can...and you should. Read a few tips on creating a peaceful heart.

Healthy Shopping Attitudes
Responsible spending is more important during the holidays than any other time. Do not be drawn to impulse or trends because of advertising. Read how to set limits and still give a thoughful gift.

Stress and The In-laws
The holidays usually require time with the in-laws. New in-law relationships can be stressful, but considering their perspective may change yours. Read how understanding one another can be valuable in your attempt to become a family.

An Attitude of Gratitude
Gratitude and a thankful heart should not be reserved for the Thanksgiving holiday. Read more about the benefits of finding something to be grateful for...every day.

A Good Stepparent Resource
Dr. Joshua Coleman's books, seminars and websites provide useful information and a valuable resource for stepparents and others seeking advice with personal relationships. It is especially geared to families.

There's No Place Like Home
You don't have to own a castle to make your home a palace! Read how comfort, peace and joy are the best furnishings you can provide.

Fathers Influencing Sons
Men and women handle conflict differently. Read how fathers can end the cycle of control and dominance by honestly seeking relatlionship with their male children.

Bad childhood, good life
A bad childhood is not an excuse for a bad life. It is still possible to blossom and thrive by making a decision that you will not be a victim. Read how your choices can define your future much more than the events of your past.

Stepparents Protect Your Marriage!
Stepparents can insulate their marriage from defeat by deciding together what will and will not be tolerated from adult children. Whether you are just starting out or need to make some changes, this article will encourage you.

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