Brute Force for XBox

Brute Force for XBox
Brute Force finally brings a new XBox game out to rival Halo's fantastic gameplay and graphics. And it is fantastic in multiplay!

First off, the graphics are just AMAZING. From the opening cut-scene, to the levels you play through and the on-screen controls, it's just beautiful. They put an amazing amount of work into the art and design of the game, and it shows. The world you work through feels *real*.

In many ways this is obviously a version of Halo. The large selection of weapons, the four types of grenades, the great comments the characters make, the fighting-space-enemies in a futuristic environment. This isn't a bad thing - Halo was an incredible game and Brute Force shares many of the same great qualities.

And Brute Force takes it a step beyond. In Halo, you had great AI teammates to help you out, but no real multiplayer. If you had local co-op, you had two Master Chiefs. In Brute Force, there are four distinct players. When you're playing single player, you can swap amongst them, using whichever one has the best skills for the task. The other become your backup, following your orders and supporting you.

But multiplayer is where this game is truly amazing. The game is very obviously created for multiplay, with the multiplayer options being integral to the game. Set up your system link and join multiplay games of all varieties, choosing your favorite character and weapon combination to truly customize how you play. Speed is blisteringly fast, and many players out there are already top-notch.

Where the built in campaign is amazingly fun and can be played (if Halo is any judge) for months on end, the fact that multiplay gives you endless players and new downloadable maps means the game could in essence be played ... forever!

Highly, highly recommended for anyone who loved Halo. And if you don't have your system link set up, be sure to do that as well! Together, Brute Force / multiplay creates just about everything you could want in a shooting-action game.

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Character - Lizard
Character - Human Clone
Interior of Room
Exterior World

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