12 Rounds 3 - Lockdown Movie Review

12 Rounds 3 - Lockdown Movie Review
The first 12 Rounds, starring John Cena, was about twelve challenges. 12 Rounds 3 - Lockdown is a countdown on the number of rounds in Shaw's gun chamber. Strange...

It’s his first day back on the job. Shaw (played by WWE wrestler Dean Ambrose) is returning to work after recovering from being shot in an incident in which a rookie was killed. Needless to say the other cops are giving him the cold shoulder. Detective Burke (Roger B. Cross) is a crooked cop who we’ve already seen engaged in criminal activities with Freeman, a known drug-dealer. Predictably, the two detectives are about to collide.

Incriminating evidence against Burke, a flash drive disguised as a credit card, has been checked into the evidence room. Once Burke finds out, he calls all of his crooked cronies back to the police station where they discover that Shaw has checked out and viewed the evidence. Burke sets off the fire alarms sending the entire police department staff out of the building. He locks down the precinct and begins the cat and mouse hunt for Shaw and the evidence. Shaw only has twelve rounds.

Great movie moments:

Unless you are a fan of Dean Ambrose, there are very few pros in this movie.

There is a surprise twist at the end of the movie, but it’s quickly followed by an anti-climactic ending.

Not so good movie moments:

The story line is pretty much textbook, from the lock down, to the naive female officer locked in the building, to the bad guys using the surveillance cameras throughout the building (it is a police station after all) to keep tabs on Shaw.

Who uses desk tape and gauze to cover a gunshot wound?

There is a gun range scene at the beginning of the movie when Burke “challenges” Shaw and comments on Shaw's bad aim. When shooting at Shaw, however, all the police officers have really bad aim since only two of the hundreds of bullets actually hit him.

Unlike the original 12 Rounds, this movie truly appears to be about the number of bullets Shaw has in his gun since he keeps providing an update. I counted more than 12 shots fired from his gun.

The bulk of the action takes place in the locked-down precinct so most of the movie is smoky and dark. I’m not sure why it was smoky because the fire alarm was fake.

Overall, I rate this movie a 4 out of 10 stars. The first 12 Rounds was definitely a better movie.


Director: Stephen Reynolds

Rated R: Violence and nudity - It also includes a pointless scene showing two characters having relations (to put it mildly).

Run time: 90 minutes (but it seems like so much longer).

I rented this DVD from the video store with my own funds and have not been compensated for this review.

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