I Juan de Pareja Literature Guide

I Juan de Pareja Literature Guide
If you are reading I Juan de Pareja this coming school year you will find this literature guide quite useful.

Chapters 1-5

*Viable Vocabulary*- Define the following vocabulary words, and write them in a sentence within context of the story thus far:

taciturn, lithe, prophetic, cryptic and capricious

*Great Graphic Organizer*-Compare and contrast the characters of Brother Isidro and Don Carmelo. Display the different views they have about de Pareja through a detailed Venn Diagram. Below is a link to an example of a Venn Diagram:


*Wonderful Writing*-Short Essay Question-Does Juan de Pareja accept his postition in life? Why or why not?

*Ideas,Thoughts & Discussion* -In the 1600s, photographs and film had not yet been invented. The only way to preserve someone’s likeness was to draw or paint it. So, when Velázquez was working, modern methods like oil painting had only been in common use for about 100 years. How do you think the advent of photography and digital technology has impacted life today? Were the paintings and drawings more or less accurate ways to portray someone?

*Art Connection*- As this story revolves around the work of artist Diego Velázquez, explore his biography and works below:


Choose your favorite work and write about it.

Chapters 6-10

*Viable Vocabulary*- Define the following vocabulary words, and write them in a sentence within context of the story thus far:

haughty, intrigue, meticulous, tremulous and trepidation

*Great Graphic Organizer*-As time goes by, Juan de Pareja plays several different roles in the novel. Using a Spider Map describe four to six things he does, such as Velázquez’s assistant or a participant in the king’s court. Use the main ideas as his reason for dooing a particular tak, or a "main goal", and write the task he does on the web, describing it with a few key details. Below is a link to an example of a Spider Map:


*Wonderful Writing*-Short Essay-Do you feel that de Pareja’s concerns about his painting are justified? Explain your answer.

*Ideas,Thoughts & Discussion*-The story of I, Juan de Pareja is told as if a person were speaking directly to you. This is called first-person point-of-view, and it imitates speech. Give the book a voice. Select a short passage from I, Juan de Pareja, and practice reading it aloud. Present your dramatic reading as if you were de Pareja, describing your life experiences to your co-op class or for your family and friends.

*Art Connection*- Visit the art blog www.themasterpiececards.com/famous-paintings-reviewed/bid/48453/Velazquez-Paintings-Juan-de-Pareja

Read the commentary. Note the author's interest on the hole in the sleeve of the gentleman portrayed in the picture. Are you of the opinion that this was a favorable choice on the part of Velazquez to show a hole in the clothes of the man in the portrait? Did it make him a realistic painter? Do you agree with the statement it makes? What statement does it make to you? Write your thoughts in note or essay formation.

Chapters 11-15

*Viable Vocabulary*- Define the following vocabulary words, and write them in a sentence within context of the story thus far:

convalescence, cynically, proxy, insolent and stupor

*Great Graphic Organizer*-In Velázquez’s time, there was not a market for art as there is today. At that time, the vast majority of the world’s people were just trying to feed themselves and could not afford to buy art.

Until recently, a system called patronage supported artists and their art. Usually, only people of royalty and nobility could afford to be patrons, or supporters of artists. Note the advantages and disadvantages of patronage in a Venn Diagram.

*Wonderful Writing*- Long Essay- 2-3 pages typed and double spaced. Would you say the story of Juan de Pareja has a happy ending? Why or why not?

*Ideas,Thoughts & Discussion*-Why, in your opinion, does de Pareja decide to wait to tell Murillo about his freedom? Be prepared to share your thoughts with your family/friends/co-op class. Jot down some notes for your discussion reference.

*Art Connection*-Check out Velazquez's page at The Met-www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/vela/hd_vela.htm and enjoy this famous artist's works!

*Some ideas above gleaned from Glencoe's Literature Guide.

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