Days of Whines and Noses- A Book Review

Days of Whines and Noses- A Book Review
Lisa Espinoza Johnson is a witty and talented mother of four. Her honest insight into mothering challenges, and her laugh out loud humor are present throughout her book, Days of Whines and Noses: Pep Talks for Tuckered Out Moms.

The picture on the front gives readers an idea of what they will face inside. Mom’s hair is in curlers (how did she have time to roll her hair?). She’s holding baby in her arms while her older child is climbing on to the counter to stick his tongue out at us. The counter is laden with bread – the whole loaf of bread – only two pieces of which were needed to make the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that sits on a plate. Cereal, most in the bowl, and much spilled out on to the counter awaits someone to have time for cleaning. Mom is on the phone, pictures decorate the fridge, and the fire extinguisher sits next to the stove.

There are one hundred and sixty-two pages of easy-to-read, short essays, which makes it the perfect read for a busy mom. It's easy to pick up the book and read through one, quick dissertation on panty liners and how they can aid mothers who are trying to apply make-up while a young child plays at her feet. What's even funnier is that it will all make sense to you!

Lisa Espinoza Johnson finds inspiration in the Bible and her Christian faith, but moms will embrace her writing no matter of their own religion or faith. She covers all topics from binkies to sleep deprivation and road trips to postpartum changes. She observes life through wit-colored glasses and captures everyday moments with an air of amusement and insanity (the good kind).

Moms will be consoled about the endless messes that erupt in their homes after reading Espinoza-Johnson’s theory that “messes are a sign of life”. She goes on to quote the Law of Entropy, a physics principle that backs her theory. And, she’ll make you feel better about your laundry piles as well. She believes she could catch up on her family’s laundry if they all went for two days in the nude. I think I’d need longer than that, but I see where she’s heading with her hypothesis.

We could all write this book. We’ve all had the experiences, which – if coded correctly – could make other moms pee in their pants from laughing so hard. But, few of us have the talent to capture in words – in words that the reader can distinctly relate to – the experiences of motherhood that make us cry until we step back and laugh.

As I mentioned above, the book is a quick read. We need another dose, Lisa Espinoza Johnson. This book was written in 2004. I’m sure you have another book’s worth of material for us.

I purchased this book for myself.
You can purchase Lisa Espinoza's book at the Amazon link below, along with the accompanying journal.

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