Hawaiian Baby Names

Hawaiian Baby Names
Looking for a Hawaiian baby name?

Here are some ideas, grouped by theme.

(The single apostrophe in front of some names is called an 'okina. It represents a glottal stop. In fact, when "Hawai'i" is properly written/spoken, it's supposed to contain an 'okina as well.)

Oceanic Names

The name Kai means "sea" and can be seen in a number of other names, such as 'Aukai (sea traveller), 'Ehukai (sea spray), Kaileo (voice of the sea), Kaimana (power of the sea), Kainalu (billowy sea), Kaiolohia (calm sea) and Kekaimalie (the calm seas). There's also Kailani, meaning "heavenly sea," which leads me to...

Heavenly Names

The name Lani means "sky" or "heavens" and, like Kai, can be spotted in related names like 'Aulani (heavenly traveller), Aolani (heavenly cloud), Hokulani (star of heaven), Kahealani (heavenly mist), Kalani (the heavens), Keikilani (heavenly child), Leilani (heavenly flowers), Mahealani (heavenly haze), Nalani (the heavens), Noelani (heavenly mist), Pualani (heavenly flower) and Ululani (heavenly inspiration).

Other Names

There are thousands of other Hawai'ian names out there that have nothing to do with the sea or the sky. For instance, there's Kahiau (generous) Konani (bright), and Waiola (water of life).

Also, while all genuine Hawaiian names are unisex, several are more popular for males or for females: Kekoa (brave) and Ikaika (strong) are given more often to baby boys, while Kalea (joy) and Kanani (beauty) are given more often to baby girls.

If you want to see more Hawaiian names, stop by Wikipedia's Hawaiian Name page. (Did you know that the wiki in Wikipedia is a Hawaiian word meaning "fast" or "quick"?)


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