How to Detox Radio Active Isotopes

How to Detox Radio Active Isotopes
Radio active iodine was reported in increased levesl in Oxford, England this week. Although authorities insist that levels were miniscule and would have no adverse health effects are we to believe these authorities? In Boise, Idaho radio active iodine was found to be 130 times above normal backround levels.

This article is written to assit people around the world to learn how to treat for radiation toxicity. Although the greatest concern is for those who reside in Japan and possibly Korea, all people should have the information available so that they can take appropriate action when need arises. Action needs to be immediate and without hesitation to protect one's health. This article address the treatment of radio active contamination other that that of iodine 137.

Radio active isotopes are heavy metals and detox protocols for heavy metals will be helpful if you suspect exposure.

It is important to understand that ingesting these isotopes is entirely different that being in their poximity. Ingestion will lead to long term exposure and damage as these metals lodge in the body. This the difference between exposure and contamination, that many authors of related articles are not grasping.

The incident at Fukashima is a devastating catastrophe for the Japanese. It will take them many years to recover. Much that is lost to individuals will never be recovered, from individual life to intact families, to farm lands, to homes, to employment. As citizens of the world we need to become aware of the dangers of stockpiling nuclear waste at nuclear energy generation sites, as well as the actual physical location of plants. There are many nuclear plants around the world that are constructed upon active earthquake falt lines, including those in Californaia and along the New Madrid fault line.

1. Baking Soda – to protect kidneys by making the uranyl ion less toxic and it will promote the excretion of the uranium carbonate complex. Baking soda is used to clean uranium contaminated soil. Sodium bicarb binds to uranium. It is recommended by the US Army for radiation exposure.

Take orally:
One teaspoon in water in am and pm on an empty stomach.

If inhalation of radioactive materials is a concern the nebulization of baking soda and glutathione is essential. Mix is with sodium chloride water (normal saline) Just use the same equipment for nebulization as used for asthma treatments. Or any air blower or oxygen tank that can connect to a nebulizer. A nebulizer can be purchased from along with a face mask for applications on children if you think you might need it.

There is controversy as to whether Arm and Hammer baking soda is aluminum free. Bob’s Baking Soda is guaranteed aluminum free. If you have or can get nothing else use Arm and Hammer, as radiation sickness is much more severe that the traces of aluminum you might receive, which can be detoxed later. My understanding is that baking soda in Europe is aluminum free but double check.

2. Apple Pectin - This was found effective for children post Chernobly. It significantly helped to detox radioactive cesium. Take it daily.

3. Magnesium baths (standard Epsom salts) with a bentonite clay added may be helpful to pull heavy metals out. Use up to one pound each. Bentonite clay is more palatable for oral administration than regular clay products which would be good for poultice or tub bath. Do not do detox baths more than once a day.

4. Miso, temphe and sea kelp is very helpful in radioactive iodine protection. Due to the large amounts of these foods Japanese traditionally ate, they had far lower incidences of thyroid cancer than anticipated after the WWII bombing of Japan. Eating a combination of brown rice, seaweed and miso regularly will be helpful. If radiation exposure continues for a long time and sea water comes into question you will have to carefully examine your sources of kelp. The fiber in brown rice will help keep the digestive system moving radiation out. So will buckwheat and flax seed. It is not a good time to get constipated.

Miso soup should be taken daily. Do not boil miso. It is a living food. Have your water under 115 degrees when you mix it up.
Miso soup can chelate heavy metals including strontium 90.

5. Glutathione – purchase and use Jarrow Whey daily which promotes the body's production of glutathione. Eat Lots of broccoli and cauliflower to stimulate glutathione pathways. If exposure is severe IV administration of glutathione with vitamin c and baking soda may be provided by some MDs and some Naturopathic physicians. It may be good to store Jarrow Whey if the meat supply becomes contaminated and you have been relying on meat for your protein source and if you think you are someone who requires above average levels of protein. A combination of beans and rice also provides complete protein complexes, but whey will boost the glutathione system.

Effects in Cancer Still Present 30 Years After Chernobyl

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>Leading Alternative Health Experts Make a Statement

Apple pectin powder, Jarrow whey, Bob's baking soda are all available at the following internet store. They do ship internationally

Learn About Miso

Dr Leuren Moret speaks on Fukashima and the Chernobyl disaster

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