Protect Your Thyroid From Radiation

Protect Your Thyroid From Radiation
If you have not been supplementing with Lugol's iodine and are taking no other iodine supplement you are at risk during exposure to radio active fallout which contains radioactive iodine. Many cities across the US have reported increased levels in drinking water, on vegetables and in human breast milk, which is a significant and serious issue in Japan for millions of women. If you live in Japan you really need to take action to protect yourself. If any radioactive particles are found in water or food it will pass into breast milk even if levels are very low. Radioactive iodine was found in human breast milk in California as well as cow's milk.

I realize that it may be difficult for many to accept that the risk is real. Please note that a report on the effects of Chernobyl was released only a couple of weeks before Fukashima happened. Originally documented in a more obscure Slavic language it has finally been translated. Studies show that 500,000 children died from radiatin related disease post Chernobyl. One million people in total, from Russia across Europe.

Because most people are iodine deficient in the US you will have to do a loading dose. Below is the protocol. Excess iodine is readily eliminated from the kidneys. If you have thyroid issues and are on a thyroid hormone you will have to have your thyroid levels checked in 4 to 6 weeks as you likely will need your hormone dosages reduced. Do not fail to do this. If you have Hashimotos disease I strongly recommend that you follow the protocols of Dr Haskin’s from Salt Lake City. He has a book on Hashimoto’s Disease and how to correctly treat it available on amazon. Do not take iodine until you have read this book if you have Hashimoto’s disease and are under physician supervision.

Breast tissue also utilizes a lot of iodine. A lessor known risk from radioactive iodine is an increased risk of breast cancer. Other organs that utilize iodine are the prostate, ovaries and pineal gland. All of these organs could be at risk of developing cancer from exposure to radio active iodine

Lugols loading dose = 8 drops daily for 3 months
One drop = 6.15 mg
12.5mg is maintenance dose after that (2 drops)
15 mg is upper maximum daily dosage after you have completed the loading dose for safety in most cases.

Doing the Lugol's protocol will not damage your thyroid. Please see my article if you are taking thyroid hormone replacements as there are special considerations then. Daily small doses of lugols are tolerated quite well by the vast majority of people and many many naturopathic as well as medical doctors have their patients on such protocols for a variety of health conditions.

Using the potassium iodide tablets that have been tradtionally recommended for radioactive iodine can be dangerous. These tablets have 130 mg, which of course would be necessary in order to load up quickly on iodine since most people are deficint. If radioactive iodine continues to come your way you would be at risk to take this high dosage for an extended period of time. You must keep your iodine levels up during esposure to be safe, but too much is too much! Generally the package recommends for no longer than two weeks of these tablets.

You can purchase Lugol’s Iodine from Eucador from one of the most reputable distributors I know. Purchase their 15% percent solution and cut it with water... use 1/3 of the one ounce 15% bottle and add water added to make one ounce. You will need to purchase 3 one ounce dropper bottles to do this. This way you will have 3 one ounce bottles of 5% solution for about $15. If you prefer a 7% solution as many of the old time formulas recommend just make two one ounce bottles out of it.

If cancer should become an issue you will want to look into using baking soda as a treatment as well as some of the products offered by Herbalhealers. There are a lot of arguments on which kind of iodine to use. I have chosen Lugol’s iodine based on the research of Drs. Abraham, Flechas, Brownstein, and the clinincal experience of Dr. Jonathan Wright and others. Edgar Cayce says to use Nascient Iodine. It is up to you. The following protocol is for Lugol's iodine. Remember radioactive iodine has an 8.5 day half life. In 85 days it will be just about nonexistent. Holding harvests for 30 to 60 days before consumption should be sufficient. Remember, if there is radioactive iodine present are you sure the other elements like plutonium, cesium, strontium and uranium are not also there?

Another issue regarding radioactive iodine is if it is found in your water supply. Authorities state that it is safe to shower in. I disagree. The skin is capable of absorbing many minerals topically, especially when the water temperature is hot and your skin pours are open. Many conventional drugs are applied topically in cream forms due to the skins ability to absorb drugs without needing to go through the digestive system. If you must shower or wash at least use cold or very lukewarm water if you suspect radioactive materials in the water as this will keep your skin pours from opening wide. Avoid exposure it if you can if concentrations are high in rain water.

As long as the Fukashima Nuclear plant is emmiting radioactivity that can be carried by the jet stream to Canada and the United States the citizens of these nations can be at risk. It is difficult to know just how much radiation is coming your way. It is better to supplement with Lugol's rather than take the risk of developing thyroid or breast cancer.

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Radio Active Cesium and Iodine found in Breast Milk in Japanese women

This following article states that radioactive iodine levels are minisucle. I ask, what study has been done to determine a safe dosage for an infants and children?
Christian Science Monitor Reports Radioactive Iodine in Milk on West Coast of US

Expert Testimony Video on what radiation is and how it can affect you

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