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The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce you to the Mailing List or Newsletter program from Many HTML webmasters find that their web hosts do not offer a pre-installed newsletter program. A good alternative is to use a free program such as that offered by The second purpose for this tutorial is to reply to several emails from my readers who find it difficult to set up their web host's newsletter program. I thought that a step-by-step tutorial about how to set up the Bravenet newsletter program would help both groups.

In order to set up the newsletter program, you need to understand how the program works. The Bravenet newsletter program has a two step Opt-In process. Each person who wishes to subscribe to your newsletter must complete both steps in this process. The first step is to fill in the sign-up form on your webpage. After that, the program sends the person an email message that contains a link. The second step in the Opt-In process is to click on the link in the email message. The subscriber's email address is then added to your mailing list and he is taken to a thank you page.

After you have opened a free account with Bravenet, log in to the Members Area Account Manager. Click on the Edit Account Information button to go to the Membership Profile page.

  • Enter your website information. At the top of the Membership Profile page you will find a place to enter the title, short description, and url address for your website. The email address that you gave when you opened your Bravenet account should be there also. The url and email address that you supply here will be used as the default webpage and email addresses by the various Bravenet programs.

Return to the Members Area Account Manager. There you will find the Unregistered Services list which is a list of all the Bravenet programs. Find the Mailing List program on the list of Unregistered Services. Click on Register Now and you will be taken to the Mailing List information page. Click on the Get One Free button to get the HTML code for your newsletter sign-up form.

  • Copy and paste this HTML code into your text editor and store it on your computer until you are ready to paste it into your webpage. If you are following my Business Card Webpage tutorial in the workbook section , you will want to replace the HTML code for lines 56 - 61 with the Bravenet code.

Click on the Go To Members Area button at the bottom of the page. On the Members Area Account Manager page you will now see the Mailing List program listed in the list of Registered Services. Click on the Service Manager button and you will be taken to the Mailing List Service Manager page.

General Settings.
You will now customize the newsletter program to work with your website. Under the Maintenance section, click on the General Settings button.

  1. Reply Email Address. This is the email address that will appear in the reply line at the top of each newsletter that you send out. If you do not supply a different email address here, the program will use the default email address from your profile area.

  2. Thank You Page. Here you will supply the url address for a thank you page that the subscriber will be taken to after the second step in the Opt-In process. If you do not supply a url address here, the default one will be used. If you have created your own thank you page, then just supply the url for that webpage here.

  3. Good Bye Page. When someone chooses to unsubscribe to your newsletter, he's email address is removed from your mailing list and he is taken to this good bye webpage. Again the default url will be used if you do not supply a different one here.

  4. Opt-In Message. After the subscriber submits the sign-up form, he is shown a short message telling him to wait for an email message and then to perform the second step in the process. If you do not want to use the program's default message, supply your own message here.

  5. Email Template. Here you will supply the text that you wish to appear at the top and the bottom of each newsletter you send out. This content will be the same for each newsletter. We will talk about this more later. For now just leave it blank.
Click the Save Changes button.

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