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Clairvoyance Newsletter
Have you ever walked into a room or sat next to someone and had an immediate sense about them? Can you instantly feel if someone is under the weather, sad, or even pregnant? Clairvoyance is a sixth sense, and often referred to when discussing psychic abilities!

People use their sixth sense each day and often without even realizing it. That instinctive decision on a campaign, impulsive winning lottery ticket, or different route to work or groccery store that ended up saving you from an accident at that very time and place, all products of our intuition.

Young children especially are prone to naturally tapping into their psychic abilities. They'll usually have no problem telling you they had a visitor the other night, or talk about information they shouldn't seem to have for such a young age.

Some children with accelerating sensitivities are often discouraged later on in life or labeled as being easily distracted or having vivid imaginations. Though that may be the case, there could be an underlying reason they don't understand as anything negative because they haven't yet been exposed to conforming principles of socially accepted behavior.

Adults working quite closely with their intuitive gifts, may often confide to friends or a spouse of having overwhelming feelings that can even bring them physical discomfort specifically accociated with a person or situation. They may experience dreams, a single word or "clip" that repeats itself about someone they care about and never seems to go away.

Because these feelings give little indication as to where or when they're going to hit, extra precautions need to be taken for balancing lifestyles in order to avoid the compulsion of isolation. This is why protective techniques, meditation or just increments of down-time are so very important and don't have to be expensive or complicated to do so.

Understand that these gifts are a very normal part of the human experience. We can observe many extra-sensory perceptions on a daily basis just in the plant and animal kingdom alone. When we are able to address all of our natural senses working together, we will understand even more of what our purpose in being here is all about!

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Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor

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