Dynasty Warriors 4

Dynasty Warriors 4
Talk about a game that gets better with each release! Dynasty Warriors 4 is a cult classic with great graphics and a combination of button-mashing fighting and strategy.

The graphics in Dynasty Warriors 4 are REALLY impressive. Maybe not in a Splinter Cell sort of way, but the facial movements in the cut scenes, the body movements during sword attacks, the fields of reeds and rolling plains are quite impressive for the PS2.

The game is in essence the same as previous Dynasty Warrior games, but greatly enhanced. You are a General in China during a rebellion of the Han Dynasty. The Yellow Turbans sought to bring a time of peace by overthrowing the Han dynasty, and of course the Hans resisted!

The well done encyclopedia fills you in on all the factual background of the locations, events, and personalities involved in this series of battles. You can customize your own character - male or female - down to the color of the outfit and style of armor worn. You can customize the bodyguards that protect you. You can play around in duels or skill contests. But the real fun is when you head into the main campaign.

Each level is huge and involves a variety of terrain and landscapes. There are numerous generals each with large number of forces under his or her control. Luckily you're not alone in this - you have fellow generals and tons of troops under your control. An overview map keeps track of where each main force is, and within that you are hacking and slashing your way to victory.

It seems a bit overwhelming at first - is this a strategy overview, a first person slayer or a combo of both? Once you get into it, though, it's quite easy to understand and extremely addictive. You can't hurt your own forces. It's very reassuring to see your bodyguards hanging out nearby and taking out enemies. The map and status bar help you keep track of the tides of war. You gather up powers and health from fallen enemies and nearby barrels. The combo attacks and powerup attacks are great!

Your weapons gain levels, your loyal troops get stronger, and you really feel like you've accomplished something of worth when you get through these historical sequences and stand with your troops, battle hardened, at the end of the road. This is way more than a hack-and-slash - it is a strategic lesson in real life history.

Highly recommended!

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