Chronic Candida and Yeast

Chronic Candida and Yeast
Many people have chronic candida infection. This is a difficult disease that is caused by the use of antibiotics that damages the gut wall. This article will explain how it is created and how it may cause gut disease as well as cancer though out the body.

Women tend to get yeast infections and some do so frequently but candida is not limited to women. Most cases of candida yeast infections are caused by the use of antibiotics which results in the degradation of the normal flora of the intestines and as well as flora in other parts of the body. Antibiotics kill indiscriminately in most cases and the use of antibiotics can be directly related to the vast majority of yeast infections. Antibiotics have the capability to kill the target pathogen but also to mutate it to cause more serious resistant fungal infections. While these targeted disease causing bacteria are being killed other bacteria and fungi in the body can be killed or mutated by the antibiotics. This can cause many different types of pathogenic diseases but one of the leading is mutated and or over grown candida albicans.

Women who get candida infections may or may not be systemically infected in their blood. Moat often the infection is localized and it is spread from fecal contamination and intimate relations. Severe systemic infection can bring about symptoms similar to those found in chronic fatigue syndrome and if immune function is poor as in HIV it can be life threatening.

All people have candida albicans as its a normal part of intestinal flora but when they are mutated or over grown they can invade the lining of the intestinal wall. The microbe can actually change its physical structure and become very tough and resistant as it pierces the lining of the gut. This invasion of the gut wall creates a permeable state where intestinal products, foods, and a variety of digestive toxins can escape though the wall and enter the blood stream. The stool can also become very yeasty. This candida albicans yeast can be seen in live blood analysis when a dark field microscope is used to view the living blood. It appears in a speckled fern like shape. Because conventional doctors to not use this diagnostic tool, they have been extremely slow to recognize the presence of systemic candida and to understand the illnesses that it can cause.

Some think that it is through the repeated overuse of antibiotics that candida infections occur. But in my personal clinical experience I have seen candida infections rage in children after their first course of antibiotics. There is almost always antibiotic usage associated with yeast infections, even if the antibioitic was used in the distant past.

Candida can be a the cause of lots of bowel symptoms and can eventually lead to irritable bowel disease, crohns, constipation, skin rashes, invasion of the prostate and male urethra, and for the immune compromised, candida can invade the brain and cause dementia. Some physicians believe that candida fungus causes cancer and they have been providing cancer treatment with the elimination of the fungus as the goal to their cancer cures. Fungus is frequently associated with cancer lesions.

This tenacious microbe may or may not respond to oral or IV antifungal drugs, that is if your doctor was savvy enough diagnose it correctly. Only through live blood analysis found in the offices of naturopaths or medical doctors dedicated to alternative therapy can the correct diagnosis be found. I have seen blood samples taken from children whose blood was swarming with candida. This was recognized by the naturopaths but not even considered a possibility by the conventional medical doctors whose care they were under.

When the candida has mutated and lodged in the walls of the gut the medical nightmares begin. There will be digestive issues at times but most frequently there will develop many allergies to foods. Because the wall of the gut has been damaged, food that is not fully digested correctly is able to pass though the gut into the blood stream. This condition is called leaky gut syndrome and has only been acknowledged recently and slowly recognized by conventional doctors. You can still find gastro-interologists who have never heard of leaky gut. In Europe, and especially Germany, it's been recognized for years.

Once candida is in the blood it can move to any location in the body depending on the body’s strengths and weaknesses in its immune capabilities. Those who have taken steroids may have more systemic candida issues than those who have been limited to antibiotics.

Areas of manifestation can include the mouth, throat, esophagus, and any where on the skin. Males can get rashes as well as women, and partners can trade it back and forth. It is also known to harbor in the ears and sinuses. Some children who have taken many antibiotics for chronic ear infections can end up with candida in their ears.

Dr Tullio Simoncini has been providing evidence that some cancers can be cured if candida fungal infection is aggressively treated with IV antifungal medications as well sodium bicarbonate, which the fungal infection does not w survive in when the bicarbonate presence is strong and repeated.

Do a google search on Dr Simoncini MD. His website presents video-scopic treatments of cancer that were cured with sodium bicarbonate and anti-fungal medicine. Dr Simonci states that oropharnyx cancer can easily be treated with sodium bicarbonate if the lesions have not invaded the tissue too deeply. He also claims that most types of cancer are caused by this fungus.

For colon cancers that are not too deeply invaded the sodium bicarbonate is administered via colonoscopy with up to 10 sessions likely required. Stomach cancer can be treated at home with assistance by the physician only for diagnostic follow up. How well these cancers respond will depend on how deeply they are invaded into the tissues and extensive diagnostics are required for this judgement. Deep invasions will require much more comprehensive work.

Also, see the work of Dr Marc Sircus OMD

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