Rooms in Houses - Dream Symbols

Rooms in Houses - Dream Symbols
In my article on the symbolism of dreams involving houses that may be found at: we looked at how the house oftentimes symbolizes the body--the 'house' of the soul. In this article, we'll explore different rooms that appear in houses while dreaming and look at their symbolism.

One of the easiest ways to interpret what a room means in a dream is to take the room symbol and 'amplify' it. Amplification is slightly different from associating. When we associate, we may think of a symbol and then think of what we connect with that symbol. For example, if you think of 'bedroom' and begin to associate 'bedroom' you may start with sleep, which you think may associate with your cat who sleeps on your bed, which you may then associate with the shelter where you adopted her, which you may then associate with the tuna fish she was eating when you first saw her.

Association can be an invaluable tool in dream analysis, however, it can sometimes lead us far astray. Jung believed that amplification was a more direct and simple way to get at the meaning of a dream. To Jung, the dream symbol meant exactly what it said, it wasn't using the symbol 'bedroom' to lead you to 'tuna fish'.

However, bedroom was being used as a symbol--not a literal translation. Here is where amplification comes in. When using amplification, rather than thinking of all the associations you have with the bedroom, you instead describe what exactly a bedroom is. Begin doing this by pretending you are explaining 'bedroom' to a person who has never heard of it before. What is a bedroom used for? Where does one find a bedroom? What activities occur in a bedroom?

Think of amplification and before I give you some thoughts on what the following rooms may symbolize, think of what you might believe the rooms symbolize.


Ah, the bedroom, the one we talked about so much in our example. Normally, dreaming of the bedroom symbolizes pretty much everything that goes on in the bedroom: things which are private, which can mean things we want kept private, things that are done in private, that which is hidden. It may also refer to sex and sexuality. And as sleeping is another activities that occurs in the bedroom, it may refer to the subconscious--or that which is hidden in the subconscious.


With the attic as a symbol, we may have to think not only of what goes on in the attic but also think of where the attic is located in order to understand it as a symbol.

The attic is located in the top of the house, much like our brains are located in the tops of our bodies. We keep items in storage in the attic--sometimes the articles stored there are items we hang on to but no longer need, and sometimes the articles are lost treasures.

Attics in dreams, therefore, can symbolize ideas. These ideas may be worn out ones that no longer serve any purpose, but which we cling to out of security. The ideas may also be ones which we had and discarded in the past which are now coming up to aid and help us.


As with the attic, think of the location of the basement. It is something which is typically underground, or 'beneath the surface'. In this capacity, the basement may serve as an apt symbol of the subconscious and its inner workings. It may also symbol something that's at the 'base' of things or that which is at the heart of a matter.


The bathroom is another private room in the house. It is the place where we clean ourselves, or sometimes go to relax. Dreaming of the bathroom may indicate a need for rejuvenation of some sort or alternatively can indicate a sense of rebirth, especially if one finds oneself submerged and then re-emerging from under water.


The toilet is the place where we release that which is no longer needed. It is also another private space. Dreaming of relieving oneself in public often symbolize a fear of exposure or a need for privacy. Dreams of overflowing toilets can indicate a feeling of being overwhelmed with that which no longer has value in our lives.


The kitchen is the area in the house where creation takes place--meals are prepared, and cooked. Cooking can be an apt metaphor for alchemy, the changing of one substance into another. Therefore, the kitchen may symbolize creative endeavours or sometimes may indicate you are undergoing a spiritual process. Alternatively, as the kitchen is the place where meals are prepared it can indicate a need to be 'fed' either in body, mind or spirit.

If there are other rooms you are curious about, try amplifying them and seeing what interpretations you would assign.

As always, sleep well and dream out loud!

*~Aisling Ireland~* is an ordained Spiritual Counselor providing dream interpretation and Tarot readings. To make an appointment check out her website at:

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