Dream Basics

Basic dream information.

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Daydreaming star
Psychologists estimate that some people daydream approximately every 90 minutes! Learn to put these episodes of drifting off to work for you.

Dream Recall star
Remembering dreams as we wake may seem easy, but we often quickly forget the wisps of memory we capture on waking. Why are you interested in dreams? This article offers some easy techniques for remembering and recording dreams.

Food and Dreams star
Does the food you eat affect your dreams?

Forgetting Dreams star
It is easy to lose wisps of memory which may help build an understanding of our dream life. Patience is key. The more we commit to remembering dreams the more they come to us easily, without the burden of striving for remembrance.

How to Turn Pipe Dreams Into Reality star
So you have a dream or you’ve dreamed a dream and wish with all of your might that it will come true. There is a pattern that successful dreamers have instinctively followed.

Improve Your Dream Recall star
To awaken is to leave the dream world, and here’s how to hold onto your dreams before they dissolve into the ether.

Keeping a Dream Journal star
Keeping a dream journal can help improve your dream recall and give you an invaluable resource for working with your dreams.

Prophetic Dreams star
Foretelling the future fascinates us but there are important elements to consider to determine if your dream is prophesying an outcome or projecting your fears.

Questions about Prophetic Dreaming star
Some may dismiss the reality of prophecy and premonition but others know better, usually through their own personal experiences with prophetic dreams. Dreams involving traumas and tragedies incite fear as dreamers wonder, “Is this dream going to come true? Is it a premonition? How can I tell?”

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Types of Dreams star
Dreams come in all shapes and sizes; lucid, precognitive and clairvoyant, just to name a few. What type of dream have you been dreaming?

What Is Dreaming? star
Every night it seems we are the guest at a special screening of our life in pictures. Sometimes these images are pleasurable or they frighten us, sometimes they make sense and sometimes they leave us scratching our head in wonder.

Why and When to Have Your Dream Interpreted star
Dream communication is a language of its own, replete with “dialect” differences due to culture, spirituality and personal life experiences.

Why Some People Don’t Dream star
New research refutes the old claim that everybody dreams. Here are reasons why some people don’t.

Working with Your Dreams star
Many cultures around the world have always believed that dreams should be honored and listened too. But how do you work with elusive wisps of memory if you can't even remember them?

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