Crossing Bridge Dream In Space Interpretation

Crossing Bridge Dream In Space Interpretation
"My high school friends and I were crossing a bridge that was in outer space. The bridge was covered by a glass dome. Suddenly, the glass shattered, and we had to dodge all the glass pieces so we wouldn't get cut or stabbed by them. I was terrified in this dream. What could it mean?"

The Dream Symbols

Outer space. Depending on the context of this symbol (Is dreamer lost in space?), this typically reflects the unknown or yet to be discovered territory.
Bridge. Transitions or connections.
Friends crossing bridge. Shared experience of transitional phase in life. Coming to a new understanding together.
Covered by glass dome. Protection. Artificial environment.
Shattered dome. Breaking the limitations.
Dodging glass shards. Evading danger or hurt. Risk of pain.

The Dream Interpretation
As terrifying as this dream may have seemed, it merely reflected the changes taking place in the dreamer's waking life. It is interesting to note that the background setting was outer space which can represent the final frontier, yet-to-be-explored territory or the unknown. This dreamer, a graduating high schooler, and his friends are crossing the bridge or making the transition from one life phase into the next. In this case, they are moving from high school into their college years.

The dream bridge was covered by a glass dome, which is a type of protection, and high school is a protected environment even though students can see their future limitless potential through the glass ceiling. Upon graduating, the glass protection cracks. Their past limitation of compulsory education ends. They are free to explore the outer reaches of the great beyond.

But they must first dodge the fall-out from the cracking glass dome. Breaking through comes with a risk of hurt. This represents the fears and tears of saying good-bye to the past, their safe and carefree high school years and to friendships that may end as they set out for different colleges and career paths.

Dream Therapy

Those painful good-byes are a rite of passage as young people learn that life brings change. No one in the dream was mortally wounded by the flying broken glass which indicates that all will survive this sad and anxious time.

My suggestion to this dreamer was to recognize that life phases are fleeting and to enjoy his last summer with his friends, then face his great beyond with the daring and courage of explorers who don't look back but keep seeking new adventures. Great experiences, new friends, and the best part of life yet to be lived.

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