Is There Anything To Forgive

Is There Anything To Forgive
While contemplating life on a recent retreat, it occurred to me that if life is a reflection of our consciousness then everyone we meet and everything that happens to us is attracted by us for a specific purpose.

We are all too quick to judge and blame another for our situation, or for a perceived wrong doing, that we forget about the extent of law of karma. Those who practice Buddhism believe that we attract to ourselves circumstances and situations according to our actions, deeds and thoughts.

When we act in ways that create happiness for our self and others then we attract similar to our self. Similarly, if we act in ways that cause unhappiness in self and others, we attract in kind. Some traditions refer to this as the Law of Attraction.

It has become popular belief that we are all ultimately finely tuned frequencies which are emitting our intent to the Universe and attracting back similar frequencies in the form of experiences. If our frequency is set to attract ‘negative’ experiences due to our negative thought process’s and behaviours, do we really have anyone to forgive when ‘bad things’ happen to us?

Forgiveness is generally used when we are making peace with another for a perceived action that we dislike. Rather than the usual blame, anger, and feelings of hatred that we may feel towards the other, perhaps having feelings of gratitude is more in order.

Showing gratitude for the lesson the person has brought you, and for the reflection back to you that your thoughts are not in alignment with what it is that you would rather experience may be more productive.

When we can see our ‘lessons’ in this way perhaps it would be easier to take responsibility for our self and our actions. Our initial reaction to a perceived injustice is not generally to be grateful, however when we think about it, perhaps it would be the most beneficial for all involved.

Mostly we do not really want to take responsibility to the ‘bad things’ that happen to us, so it is easier to blame an other. In light of karma and the law of attraction, do you think it would be possible for you to see every situation as something you attracted to you for ‘a reason’?

Perhaps instead of finding forgiveness in your heart for another, we find forgiveness for our selves for the actions we have been exhibiting that have attracted the situation we are in. Maybe it would then be possible to see it as an opportunity to take at look at what ‘frequency’ we are emitting and make the changes necessary within.

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