Great Philosophers Who Intrique and Inspire Us

Great Philosophers Who Intrique and Inspire Us
A common question each of us has is who am I really? Or most notably what am I? We wonder where we came from, is there really a heaven? How deep and wide is the Universe?

Who really was the first human? Was it really Adam? Or was there God like humans who lived here billions of years ago and decided to explore the Universe while leaving us here to continue on?

Wow, big questions? But we have big answers. We have been blessed with such and abundance of scholars and teachers who motivate us and inspire us to want to learn and know more. They have utilized their direct link to the infinite wisdom of the sages and messengers who helped create our world and they have used it wisely.

With knowledge comes great power and responsibilities. If we are so blessed as to have the knowledge to help others wouldn’t it be our duty to do share it? What a gift to have that direct link to the Creator of All Things. We all have it, some just can’t seem to grasp it as well as others. One way to obtain the ability and then use the knowledge is through seeking great support from those hold the secret.

Knowledge of who we are and how we became is vast and covers many doctrines, there are thousands of Scholars and teachers, to many to cover here today, so we will touch on just a few and I hope they will inspire you to do some research of your own. To search your questions about who we are and where we came from. Remember there is always two sides to everything.

One such teacher and motivator was Plato. In Western Philosophy his work “The Republic” has been studied more than other single work. It is considered to be his most distinguished work of all. Read it and let me know what you think.

Aristotle - Noted to many as Plato’s most prominent and most gifted student he was also a teacher to Alexander the Great. So sad to think that only a third of his work remains and the rest is lost possibly never to be found. I enjoy his writing “On the Soul” also known by the Latin name “De Anima”

To Be is to Exist. That’s the way I see it. If you exist then you are and if you are then you would have to be. Right? Karl Popper once said that philosophers enjoyed debating on any variations between being and existing and if the world really exists itself. Sounds deep. Check it out and let me know what stands out to you.

Karl Marx was a famous Philosopher of Religion. In late 1999 he was voted “thinker of the millennium” by people from around the world. Marx has had and still to this day holds an extremely part in the history of Socialism. He is also noted as having more influence on others and their thinking than anyone else in history.

Study as many of the great Philosophers as you can. You will be amazed at how the mind works and why. Let’s look at a couple more.

Someone I believe to be almost as recognized as Jesus is Buddha. No matter where you go if there is a statue people will nine times out of ten know who he is. Buddha also known as “The Enlightened One”
Is known for his teaching of releasing the material world and grasping the Spiritual world. Letting go of your earthly belongings and knowing true oneness with Spirit.

The field of Philosophy has not always been that welcoming to women but a few notable to mention are Frances Wright who was passionate about the United States government and equal opportunities. Helen Mary Warnock, Baroness who wrote on morals, the mind and our education. She also wrote a book on Existentialism.

Just a few thoughts to ponder on…………………….

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