Jasc PSPro Animation Shop - 2

Jasc PSPro Animation Shop - 2
Step 4. Add Transition Effect. Now the magic of Animation Shop begins. You will add an image transition effect to these two frames. Remember that animations are just a series of images viewed in sequence? Well, you just gave the program the first and last image for the animation. Now the program will create the rest of the images for you. This is called a transition effect. The computer will generate the images for the transition from the first image to the last image. Magic! Click Effects > Insert Image Transition and set the following values in the dialog box. (See Figure 2)

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Start with: Animation Frame
End with: Animation Frame
Define Transition
Transition Length: 2.0 secs
Frames per second: 5 fps

Figure 2. Insert Image Transition Dialog Box

Now use the drop-down list next to Effect to choose a transition for your animation. I used the Zoom Effect for the example. To watch a preview of each effect, check the box next to Show Preview.

Step 5. Adjust the quality of the animation. In the previous step we set the length to 2 seconds and number of frames per second to 5. You can change these values if you like. Increasing the transition length will make the animation take longer to complete. Increasing the frames per second will make the animation smoother.

Try changing these values and watch the line below the slider bars. (See Figure 2) The line will show the results for different combinations of values. As you increase these values you will see the total number of frames increase.

As you increase the number of frames, you will also increase the size of the animation file. A larger animation file will take longer to download and to appear on your webpage. As with everything on the web, you need to find a balance between the number of frames (quality) and file size. When you are happy with your combination, you can click OK to set those values for your animation.

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