XIII - Cel Shaded First Person Shooter

XIII - Cel Shaded First Person Shooter
While some first person shooters go for realism, XIII brings you into a comic book world of slow motion falls and fun camera angles, all in cel shaded glory!

First, you are XIII. You've got anmesia, just like probably 50% of other game heroes :) You are caught up in some sort of international conspiracy and have to figure out who you are and what is going on. And, of course, Who You Can Trust.

The plot is long and complicated and great fun to work through. But it's the graphics that really shine. This is all cel shaded, so you really feel like you're in a comic book story. They have cut scenes to add to that feeling. If someone's standing up on a cliff and you shoot them down, little "AAaaaaggghhh"s trail after them! There are all sorts of effects like that that are very fun to watch.

The interface is very easy to use. Symbols pop up to show you when you can perform actions. There's the usual medkits, weapons and ammo. They do a GREAT job with this. If an enemy's gun runs out, they have to reload. If you take too long to get to them and they fire a lot of bullets, their ammo will be gone when you pick up the gun!

There's great multiplayer here too, with a variety of maps and gameplay options. So even when you finish the game, there will be much more fun to be had.

I was worried that with all the hype surrounding this game that it wouldn't deliver. And indeed, some people at the game shop I buy from claimed that they were disappointed. But really, the game is amazingly well done, has great graphics and great gameplay with characters that you get actively interested in. You'd have to be pretty jaded to diss this game just because it was hyped before its release!

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