Turok is sort of a space-marines-meets-Jurassic-Park story. In a futuristic world with high end weapons and armor, you're pitted against the raw muscle and razor-sharp teeth of meat-eating dinosaurs.

Really, the game is all about fun. It has nice graphics, but not nearly as stellar as other games out there. The scenery of black mountains and drifting clouds are pretty, but could be better. The character animations are all right, but sometimes clunky and clippy. The voices are all right, but sometimes get flat or cliched.

When it comes down to it, this is all about pitting yourself against dinosaurs with the best weapons you could imagine from various sci-fi shows. It's you against bit, sharp-toothed monsters of gigantic proportions. They are faster than you, stronger than you, there are lots of them out there. Can you hold your own against them?

The answer hopefully is yes. There are multiple levels of gameplay here, so you can start with the easier one if you haven't played these games before, or just dive into the killer-hard level if you enjoy a challenge. You'll be sneaking around, taking shelter behind jungle plants, plotting out the best place to lay your ambush.

Yes, there's a plotline of sort, with crosses and double-crosses. You get your hands on various weapons. Ironically, we tended to stick just with the knife, for silent, deadly kills. The other favorite weapon was the bow with a variety of arrow types.

The game is a good length and whether you enjoy it or not probably depends on whether the idea of blasting away at dinosaurs for hours is a fun thing to do. We did enjoy playing our way through it, but it was not one of the games that we kept on the active shelf to revisit for months afterwards.

If you're not a dinosaur / monster-slaying fan, it might be best to rent this one for a weekend and see how it appeals to you. That way you could get the dinosaur mashing out of your system if it's not your cup of tea - or get yourself completely hooked and decide to get one of your very own.

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