Joel Goldsmiths Infinite Way Spiritual Teaching

Joel Goldsmiths Infinite Way Spiritual Teaching
‘It is virtually impossible to receive spiritual light or illumination as long as your mind is divided against itself.’

Joel Goldsmith

Joel Goldsmith was a Christian mystic. He taught spirituality using the Christian faith as a basis, however, he interpreted the Christian message of the bible in a different way than is traditional.

Goldsmith believed that God is all that exists, and is manifest as everything in the universe. His philosophy was simple In essence; God consciousness is the truth of who we are, and when we see other than through God’s eyes we are seeing amiss.

He believed that we are all perfect, and have just forgotten our true nature. Instead he purported that we see ourselves as imperfect and judge others according to our projections and judgements. Goldsmiths work was heavily based on his belief that when we acknowledge God in others, It acknowledges us back.

The same as when we approach someone in judgement, and expectation of certain behaviors, they respond the way we expect them to. It is as if they feel our judgement and are held by it. When we see them as God, we release them to be who they are instead of who we think or expect them to be.

The Infinite Way was Goldsmiths first book which formed the basis of all the others. The first one contains all the principles and information relevant to his way of seeing the world, and all his other books were expansions of that.

Joel was born to a non-practicing Jewish family in 1892. He became interested in Christian Science until one day he started writing his own message. He self-published several books, audios, and letters, he traveled the world sharing his message with his avid followers.

Goldsmith was an advocate of meditation practices to get in touch with the God consciousness within, he also encouraged people to:

• Remember that they are God and perfect already
• Realize that no-one lacks anything for they are already everything
• Seek within for answers
• See God in all and It will see you back

He was also a supporter of Spiritual Healing. He believed that we are all whole already and that we just have to remember that. His teaching came from his belief that all healing is of the mind, and when we remembered that we are God, perfect and whole as we are; we would heal. He taught that sickness only existed in the mind that believed it to be possible that they can be ‘sick’ in anyway.

Goldsmiths teaching concluded that we can only experience what is in our consciousness. If we hold the possibility of imperfection in anyway in our consciousness then we make that a possibility for ourselves and others to experience that.

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