Caesar - Congo African Grey Parrot

Caesar - Congo African Grey Parrot
Caesar is a Congo African Grey Parrot, who is approximately 16 years old and who has moved from home to home.

Caesar was born in the wild in Africa and captured as a young bird. He was legally imported into Canada by a bird store in Winnipeg Manitoba along with 3 other young birds.

He lived in that store for approximately 4 years before a friend of mine (Judy) bought Caesar to give to her brother (Jim) as a gift.

Caesar had been quite happy being left alone in the store with his wild friends or relatives (we have no way of knowing if they were related or not) and was not thrilled to be taken to a new home with only Jim and his family to talk to. He was wild & he bit Jim many times as Jim tried to tame him to make him a pet.

Jim’s patience finally won Caesar over & Caesar came to love Jim & respond to Jim and allow him to handle him. He would still bite, but the wounds on Jim’s hand would at least have a chance to heal before the next bite.

After several years of peaceful harmony living with Jim and two other birds that Jim had acquired, circumstances changed and Jim gave Caesar back to Judy. Judy kept him for several months, but she really didn’t want an African Grey Parrot. She then gave him to her daughter & family. They were thrilled to have Caesar and Caesar was very happy with the family, especially with Gary who was Judy’s son-in-law.

Unfortunately for Caesar – again, a change in circumstances sent him back to Judy, who still didn’t really want an African Grey Parrot. One day while talking to Judy on the phone, and hearing how she didn’t want Caesar, I offered to take him until things could maybe be straightened out and he could go back to his home with Gary, where he had been really happy. I already had Jewel, my Congo African Grey Parrot and I was hoping that the two of them could be friends & share the large cage that I had.

So, one day in 2000, Caesar moved into my zoo. What started as a temporary arrangement appears to have become permanent, which is fine with me. The hopes of Jewel & Caesar becoming friends has long since past, as the two of them really dislike each other.


I have to admit that I have given up on handling him because of the bites. He steps up beautifully, but while standing on my hand, he would give a nasty bite or three. He will step up just as good if I have a thick towel or blanket on my hand & arm, so I will pick him up to talk to or to take him for a shower this way. He plays with his toys and he talks to Jewel. They do share the same cage, but with a plexiglass divider that they often attack while attempting to attack each other.

Caesar has been returned to live with Jim as of late 2005.

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop by the Bird Forum anytime.

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