Very Short Baby Names

Very Short Baby Names
Many parents like long baby names that offer a slew of nickname options. The classic Elizabeth, for example, can be shortened to Eliza, Elsa, Elsie, Liz, Lizzy, Libby, Betsy, Betty, Bette, Beth, and many other pet forms.

But other parents don't want to bother with a long name. They'd prefer something short and sweet. These parents tend to be drawn to the simplicity of super-short names.

The most extreme of these are 2-letter names, including boy names like Al and Ed and girl names like Jo and Lu. Most of these began as nicknames for longer names (such as Albert, Edward, Josephine and Louise), but they became popular enough on their own to be used as stand-alone names. Today's most popular two-letter names are the boy names Ty (ranked 247th) and Bo (840th).

Most three-letter also began as humble nicknames. Here's a sampling of three-letter names for each gender. The ones in bold are currently ranked in the U.S. top 1,000.

Abe, Alf, Ali, Ari, Asa, Ben, Bob, Bud, Cal, Dan,
Dax, Del, Don, Edd, Eli, Gus, Guy, Hal, Ian, Ike,
Ira, Jax, Jay, Jed, Jim, Joe, Jon, Kai, Ken, Kip,
Lee, Len, Leo, Les, Lex, Lon, Lou, Mac, Max, Mel,
Moe, Nat, Ned, Noe, Ray, Rex, Rey, Rob, Rod, Ron,
Roy, Sal, Sam, Sid, Sim, Sol, Tad, Ted, Tex, Tim,
Tod, Tom, Tre, Val, Van, Vic, Von, Wes, Zeb, Zed

Ada, Aja, Ala, Ama, Ami, Amy, Ana, Ann, Ara, Ava,
Bea, Bev, Deb, Dee, Dot, Eda, Ela, Ena, Eva, Eve,
Exa, Fae, Fay, Flo, Gia, Ida, Ila, Ima, Ina, Ira,
Isa, Iva, Ivy, Joi, Joy, Kay, Kia, Kim, Kya, Lea,
Lia, Liz, Lou, Luz, Lyn, Mae, Mai, May, Meg, Mia,
Mya, Nan, Nia, Nya, Ola, Oma, Ona, Ora, Osa, Ota,
Ova, Pam, Rae, Sky, Sue, Tai, Tia, Una, Zoa, Zoe

Names with 4 letters are (of course) not as short as the names above, but many are also good choices for parents who are attracted to minimalist names.

3-Letter Baby Names 3-Letter Baby Names

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