Bird Encyclopedia - B

Bird Encyclopedia - B
There are bluebirds and buzzards, blue jays and bald eagles. What are the birds that begin with B?

Baltimore Oriole
Are you a fan of the Baltimore Oriole? Here are some photos for you to peruse of this lovely bird.

Barred Plymouth Rock Rooster
One of the most common types of chickens used in casual family flocks is the Barred Plymouth Rock Rooster. This lovely bird is white with black lines, and is good both for egg laying and cooking.

Black Headed Gull
When we were preparing to board the Chunnel train, we had a gull friend watching over us. This was a black headed gull, common in England.

Black Vultures
Black Vultures are sometimes called buzzards, and have black heads. The other common vulture in the US is the turkey vulture, which has a red head.

Bluebird, Eastern
Eastern bluebirds are found from around the Kansas line eastwards. They┬┤re around 7" long and can be either bright or dull blue depending on the season.

Blue Hen Chicken
The Blue Hen Chicken has been the state bird of Delaware since 1939. This gorgeous chicken originally came from Kent County and was used in cockfights.

Blue Jay
The Blue Jay is one of the more common birds in the US, and easily identifiable. With its large body, its bright blue feathers and its loud voice, this bird can be drawn by quite a variety of food.

Brown Headed Cowbird
There are very few birds that I dislike, and this is one of them. The brown-headed cowbird, Molothrus ater, originally hung out in the praries of the US, following around after bison and other large animals.

Brown Thrasher
The brown thrasher is the state bird of Georgia. This bird is also known as the brown thrush, even though it is not a thrush. It's a member of the mockingbird family. It is brown with white stripes on its wings, and a white belly with brown stripes.

Brown Pelican
Pelicans are birds that most birders can easily identify, from their large pouch-bill and big size.

Buff Duck - Brown Duck
The Buff Duck is a lovely brown colored duck that comes in light brown to dark brown color variations. Here are some photos from a local farm.

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