House Attacking Me Dream Interpretation

House Attacking Me Dream Interpretation
Periodically, I go through periods of very vivid, sometimes violent but always weird dreams. I’ve had the same, basic recurring dream since high school: trapped in a living house that is trying to kill me, and I have to fight my way out. (D.F.)

Recurring dreams are of special interest to dream interpreters because, unlike the mish-mash of nonsense from brain dumping dreams, replaying specific scenes is your brain’s way of shouting to get your attention. What are you trying to tell yourself?

In dream language, a house is a representation of some part of the self, most typically your body. The analogy is that this house, like your body, is where your spirit or soul resides. But a house also represents the whole self as well. It is important to pay attention to dream details such as specific rooms. The attic, for example, often symbolizes the higher self and subconscious while the basement can point to a dreamer’s lower self.

The dream interpretation

In the dream above, the dreamer is trapped in a living house that is trying to kill the dreamer. He has to fight his way out. This is a very compelling dream with a clear message. Not only has this dream been recurring for decades, look at the descriptors: trapped, living house, kill, fight. Strong, emotional words.

This dream indicates that in his waking life, the dreamer feels that his mind (thoughts, beliefs) and body (behaviors, habits) are out to destroy him. Not scare him, not hurt him. Kill him. Indeed, this dreamer has engaged in very self-destructive habits from the time he was a young man. The root cause is his dangerously low self-image. The self-talk tape that runs through his mind tells him that he is a loser, worthless, and unlovable. Just like in his recurring dream, he is being attacked by his own self (house).

There is a tiny hint of good news in this dream, however. The house may be trying to kill him, but it is only trying and not succeeding yet. He is fighting to get out which indicates to me that he is making an effort to move past his self-defeating thoughts and habits.

At this time of his life more than any other, this dreamer is in a good position to do just that. He has been getting treatment for his addictions and is working toward meaningful career and charitable work that have given him a new sense of purpose and self worth.

Dream therapy

I encourage this dreamer to use creative visualization to daydream a happy ending to his recurring dreams. While in a still, quiet state of mind (during meditation, daydream state, just before falling asleep), the dreamer can imagine himself in his house but now he is vigorously rebuilding it from the ground up or renovating or redecorating it. The house feels thankful to him for taking charge and restoring it to its original grandeur. He sees himself as the master of his home and opens it up to many new, good friends who marvel at the changes. By doing this, the dreamer will not only set the scene for satisfying dreams but plant his subconscious mind with positive images and intentions for strengthening his resolve to be in charge of his mind and body.

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