Handling Streaks and Water Spots After You've Waxed

Handling Streaks and Water Spots After You've Waxed
A number of people have asked me to go over the steps for removing streaks and water spots from their vehicle so it will not only look better, but have better protection. So, I decided to do just that with this article. And I will tell you what I recommend and suggest that you DO NOT try to substitute something that you feel will suffice or something that you feel is close.

When you get streaks or water spots, don't be discouraged. First grab a clean white terry towel and get out the Meguiar's Booster Wax. This spray wax is formulated so that it finds the excessive polymers where the streaks are and blends into the streak creating a mirror shine! Spray the Booster Wax onto your cloth--3 sprays ought to do it. Apply the wax from left to right gently at first and then firmly to even the coat and implement the adhesion to the finish of your vehicle. This helps to prevent swirls. Let dry COMPLETELY--usually 5-10 minutes. Grab another clean terry towel and wipe off left to right in wide, long strokes gently, then firmly. There may be dust from the wax removal--that's ok, just get out your Calfornia Duster! In no time you will be looking into a mirror! The Booster Wax not only boosts the shine but it gives that final finish look--just what we all want!

Water spots are mineral deposits from the hard water--usually after your wash between waxes. Not only are they unsightly, but if you don't stay on top of them--they could damage your finish! The best way to handle them is by getting out your Meguiar's Booster Wax!! Yep, this stuff is THE BOMB! Do the same technique for water spots as you did for the streaks and watch your shine just emerge!

The application implementation is the key to perfect results. First, examine the area before you apply the Booster Wax. A light coat goes a long way. If you like the area touch-up effect, just imagine what it would do for your entire vehicle!!

Finally, Meguiar's Booster Wax is the best product I have found to eliminate the "little things" that drive me crazy--I want my car to look perfect! Try this product and let me know if it's JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED! Have a great and shiny Day! Marie

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