Large Bird Considerations

Large Bird Considerations
Majestic Macaws, downy white Cockatoos and chatty Amazons may leave most bird enthusiasts in awe of their splendor. Their lively personalities and talking or mimicking ability often outweigh common sense and an impulse buy is made. It is best to consider the requirements that must be taken into account before deciding to purchase that wonderful feathered bundle of joy. Sadly, many people purchase a large bird without weighing the responsibilities and find themselves in a long-term relationship looking for a way out and often the bird ends up the looser.

Large birds typically live in excess of 50 years. If you are an adult considering this investment, reality dictates that you are considering a lifetime investment of love and care for your newfound friend. Oftentimes, necessity dictates someone else in your family will ultimately assume responsibility for your pet upon your passing.

Housing Requirements
Large birds require large cages. The general rule is, minimally your bird will need to be able to fully extend and flap its wings. The largest macaw is the Hyacinth Macaw. Their wingspan can reach almost four feet! Most macaw cages stand about six feet tall, four feet wide and three feet deep. They generally require the same amount of space as a large television cabinet.

As beautiful as your new bird may look in its shiny new cage, your bird requires daily interaction with you outside of its cage. Birds are very social creatures. Unless you are able to be around and interact with your bird for a significant amount of time daily, behavior issues will likely develop. Large birds are not a good choice for someone who is gone to work all day and have social obligations outside the home most nights.

Large birds have large voices. If you live in an apartment or very near noise sensitive neighbors a large bird would not be a good choice. Typically, birds are noisiest in the morning and in the evening. However, they are also vocal throughout the day. Neighbors are not the only people you must consider when choosing a large bird, those in your immediate household must be considered. If your husband works nights and sleeps during the day, a large bird would likely disrupt his schedule. If the noise level in your home increases, your bird’s flock mentality would kick into gear and your bird would escalate as well. This could become inconvenient during family get-togethers or while the guys are watching the big game.

If you have carefully weighed all the requirements of a large bird and embark on this journey of a lifetime you will surely not be disappointed. Their antics and boisterous personalities will fill your home with fun and excitement. They are loyal and loving pets and will bless you for many years to come.

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