Love Spells for Valentines Day

Love Spells for Valentines Day
Love spells are one of the most common spells people try when first starting off on the Pagan path. Frequently it’s the first spell they ever try, and the success- or lack of it- can determine whether they continue to follow the Pagan path and practice magick, or think it all one big game of pretend and pursue more material things. There is also the ethical element of apparent power over another person which continues to be discussed in depth on the Pagan forum under the title “Spells and freewill”.

I am currently working on a book of Love Magick to compliment the one I have already had published on Wealth Magick. As a present this Valentines day I thought it would be nice to share some of the spells and techniques from it to help you cast successful love spells to attract the person right for you.

“Successful Spell Casting

Successful spells depend on focus, intent, emotion and a certain ‘fire and forget’ mindset. These are the key things to enhance the chance of a successful spell

• Only cast a spell for something you want or need. Trivialising magick is one sure way of not having it work
• Always write the spoken portion of the spell out first, even if you memorise it later. This starts to develop the focus and momentum even before you begin the formal ceremony. Speak firmly and witch conviction when performing this part of the spell, which can be hard to do when emotions are flowing and your are switching between different mental and spiritual levels and having written it out helps to embed it in your mind. Dispose of any written prompts by burning in a fireproof dish, as this too energises the spell
• Feel and “experience” the spell for maximum effect. Imagination and emotion are potent power sources to empower the spell
• Having done the spell forget about it. If you find yourself wondering has it worked? Will I see results soon? If these or similar thoughts pop into your mind clap your hands together and say something along the lines of “Yes!” or Enjoy it!”


Sweet thoughts jar


Popsicle (ice cream/ice lolly) stick
Water (Spring or rain water is best)

The jar needs to be big enough to fit the stick into. Write your name on one side of the stick and the person you wish to have sweet thoughts about you on the other. Add the sugar and honey to a maximum of a quarter of the jar and embed the popsicle stick in it.
Fill the jar to the top with the (rain or spring) water.
Seal the lid of the jar tightly, making it water resistant with pink or red melted wax, or even white duct tape coloured pink or red if necessary.
Then face the approximate direction of the person you want to think of you and shake the jar whilst chanting

“Sweet thoughts you’ll think of me. Feel them now so mote it be” six or nine times

Extra tips:

• Wear a red hat, top, or outfit to add its energetic colour to the spell
• Acquire a popsicle stick that the person you wish to influence has used

Love attraction oil

Lemon Zest
Virgin Olive oil
Small rare earth magnet from a hobby/craft shop or a small piece of lodestone

Mix equal parts of the lovage and lemon zest together and add two tablespoons to two ounces of Virgin olive oil. Warm this in a double boiler (Ban Marie) until the scent seems right for you. Then allow to cool and either strain or pour as is. into a container, either a jar or bottle, with the magnet/lodestone
Test on the skin of the inside of your forearm first, then if there is no adverse reaction, you can use it safely.
This oil is used to anoint the third eye (between the eyes), over the heart (centre of the chest), and the Tan Tein (two finger widths below the navel. This enhances your natural attractive aura to draw the person right for you to you.

Extra tips

• Warm the herb/oil mixture in a slow cooker rather than the double boiler. It may take slightly longer, but the chances of overheating the oil or boiling away all the water are eliminated
• Either use dried lemon zest and dried lovage, or both fresh. Avoid having one ingredient fresh and the other dried as this does not work. Whether fresh or dried is best was a topic of debate by Brujos (Wizards) in Mexico, as drying concentrates some ingredients, but you lose some of the volatile oils found in the fresh. items. The best way is to experiment with both and see what works for you.

Bonding Spell

Different from a binding spell as both people are aware of it and it is done with both their consents. Needless to say this is one for committed couples.


Hairs from the head and crotch
Red candle

Pull hairs from each persons head and crotch. Painful I know, but you need them with skin tags and hair bulbs on for the vital energy plus DNA to involve in the spell. Grasp the red candle together and breath/project your mutual energy into it along with your intent.

When the candle feels warm and ‘charged meditate on what it means to be a committed couple and, if happy with the decision to go ahead, twist the hairs together between your palms and place them on or in a fireproof dish or bowl. Light the candle with a lighter and use its flame to burn the mixed hairs while saying with meaning and feeling:

“As the flame burns so is the love between us consummated and our destinies intertwined. The bond between us is complete and everlasting. So mote it be!”

This is a very simple ceremony, but can raise enormous power due to the emotions and intent involved. It is also a very strong connective spell and you may start having telepathic and/or remote viewing experiences after doing it. It is also a powerful protective spell for both parties.”

Wishing you all a Magickal Valentines Day!

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