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BellaOnline's Tarot Editor


Tarot Ethics

Guest Author - Christin Sander

Tarot Ethics

How do you choose a reader who truly has your best interests at heart? What makes a good Tarot reader into an excellent Tarot reader? Unfortunately, not all Tarot readers hold the same values and there are many scammy operations in place designed to take advantage of those who are seeking genuine, honest advice or answers.

In an effort to simplify an exhaustive subject that I am very passionate about, I have come up with a list of things to look for and things to most certainly avoid at all costs. I know every person has different needs and not all readers, even very good ones, will always be the best fit for everyone. The following hints and tips should make your choice easier however.

Ethical Tarot Readers Should:

  • A strong reader will be honest, but considerate and never tell you what they simply think you want to hear.

  • An ethical reader will not tell you they know what IS going to happen – every individual has free choice. Tarot is simply a way of looking at where things are likely heading according to past and present circumstances/choices. Nothing is ever set in stone!

  • Ethical readers always empower the questioner. You should leave a reading feeling inspired and empowered, never confused or afraid.

  • Ethical readers will charge reasonable rates and state those rates up front. They should never try to rope you into more minutes or tell you they need more money to help you with something etc. There should be a set time and price with the terms laid out up front.

  • Ethical readers do not have 900 numbers. 900 lines and psychic phone lines are nothing but scams period. They are scripted and the “readers” are told what to say to keep people on the line longer. (In future articles I will cover my “application process” with a group of these fraudsters)

  • Ethical Tarot readers should practice objectivity, avoid stereotypes and reserve judgment. We may not always personally agree with the choices questioners make, but it is their life path and not ours. Tarot readers should detach from personal preferences in order to give a more honest, unbiased read. Until you have walked a mile in anothers shoes...

  • Genuine advisers will always put your safety first! For example, I had a client who was handicapped and being abused by her husband, get extremely enraged with me for suggesting she call social services and the police. She told me I wasting her time. I refunded her money and explained to her when a clients life is in danger I take that very seriously. An ethical reader must always do the right thing, even if it angers or enrages the questioner and means losing that client. If you are in a dangerous situation, expect that your reader will insist that you get the proper professional help as well. This could be for anything from domestic violence issues to health issues.

  • An ethical reader should stay positive. This doesn't mean sugar coat or minimize challenges, but master turning challenges around and showing the questioner what their choices are and how to view their challenges in ways that lead to personal growth and better opportunities.

  • An ethical Tarot reader will not look at 3rd parties without their permission when that person's life has nothing to do with you. For example, if a questioner is just nosy and wants to know more about the neighbors across the street for no real reason. That is, frankly, none of her business. If however, the 3rd party is connected to the questioner somehow that's a different story, for example if she feels the neighbor may be trying to steal her spouse or something. Ethical readers don't pry needlessly into the lives of others. Would you want someone who was curious about you to come peeking through your windows? ;)

  • Most importantly an ethical Tarot reader will never tell you what to do. That's right! That ultimate decision is always your own. Tarot readers are there to point out the choices facing you, where things may be headed, but they are not there to take your free will or choices away from you.

Ethical Tarot Readers Should NOT:

  • Readers should not engage in scare tactics or tell you that you have a curse on you. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book used by Charlatans to scare people out of their money and to dis-empower them. Think it doesn't still happen? Think again – I have dealt with this situation with many clients who came to me and said my last reader said I have a curse etc. It's “BS”. If a reader tells you this, get away from them as quickly as possible.

  • Genuine, caring readers will not charge exorbitant amounts of money for a reading. There are a few mainstream psychics who charge hundreds of dollars an hour and who are frankly not very impressive. They are good performers, but do not have your best interests at heart. If you are charged hundreds of dollars or worse yet, are read to from a script at a 900 number for dollars per minute, you are not being treated with the respect and sincerity you deserve. People's pain should never be big business period. This does NOT mean readers shouldn't charge. We have just as much right to earn a living with our skill as anyone else. We don't have the right to take advantage of people with it.

  • Readers should never tell you that they have magic or special powers or “gifts”. Everyone has intuition and anyone can learn to read Tarot. Granted not everyone who picks up a paintbrush is an artist, but to insinuate that because you can pick up a paintbrush means you are more special than others is rubbish. Your reader should be down to earth and never brag that they are 100% accurate. If your reader comes from a long line of psychic ancestry etc. - it's nonsense. Perhaps their ancestors were also intuitive or psychic, but that isn't a “magical gift” bestowed only upon a few chosen genetic pools.

  • A genuine reader will never dis-empower you or make you feel that your destiny is not in your hands. Unscrupulous readers who want you to keep coming back or who want to feel power over their clients will resort to scare tactics or to making you feel that your life is out of your control. This too is limited understanding at best, or a flat out lie. Life is not something that just happens to you. Everyone, no matter their lot in life, has choices they can make. No one is ever powerless, even in times of great struggle.

  • Tarot readers should never engage in certain taboo subjects like Death. Chances are asking when you are going to die is not going to be accurate – besides, do you really want to know? Most Tarot readers who are ethical will never scare you about death or tell you that you are going to die (especially if they tell you they can prevent this or remove bad luck etc. see above).

  • Unscrupulous Tarot readers will engage in “cold reading” - making guesses about you based on your appearance, your body language, how you respond to their statements etc. One of the benefits of getting a live reading via messenger or even an email reading is that none of this can happen. When getting a reading have a clear, concise question(s) in mind and keep a poker face! If you find your reader is asking too many questions, not just friendly questions or for more clarity for her spread, but probing type questions, this is a clue that your reader may be playing you and not actually reading you.

Most reputable Tarot readers will tell you a lot about themselves and give you an idea up front of how they do their readings, what they will and will not do for you etc. Take time to get to know your reader a bit, feel him/her out and let your intuition guide your choices. On my site, I share a very extensive bio and I also have separate sections dedicated to my personal code of ethics. I choose to be open and honest because I have nothing to hide and because I want people to feel comfortable with me and to know that I have the wisdom and compassion to be of good service to my clients.
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Content copyright © 2014 by Christin Sander. All rights reserved.
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