The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card
Still in the guise of the Hermit, the Fool walks through the frozen world of winter. It is cold and the snow is difficult to navigate. But, still, the Fool and his little dog Wisdom struggle on.

The Fool has been following the light emitting from a metal and glass structure he can see in the distance. As he approaches the building, a doorway opens as if to bid him to enter. As he walks toward the doorway, he finds himself standing once again in his own skin. The Hermit has disappeared and the Fool is, for the first time in a very long time, himself once more.

As he enters the structure, the Fool finds himself in a round room surrounded by a group of very curious objects. He slowly turns in a circle, eyes wide with wonder and awe.

In the top two corners sit an Angel named Aquarius, and an Eagle named Scorpio. And, in the bottom two corners reside a Bull whose name is Taurus and a Lion whose name is Leo. They all sport wings and are fixed signs of the zodiac, representing stability in the face of change. They all hold the Torah, a sacred book of wisdom in their hands.

In the center of the room is a large wheel. On one side of the wheel slithers a snake whose purpose is to bring life force to the material world. On the other side of the wheel sits a Anubis who stares steadily in the direction of the Fool. His forte is to bring the wisdom inherent in the shadow self to the surface.

On the wheel itself at the letters IHVH which translates to Yod Heh Vau Heh, the unpronounceable Hebrew name for God. In between these letters are the letters TARO, which spells TAROT, when the first letter is also read as the last. The Sphinx perched at the top of the wheel is filled with life's riddles. And, the inner wheel has the alchemical symbols for the four elements of life, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The outer edge of the wheel represents the world itself.

As the Fool takes in the unworldly creatures and objects around him, he realizes that he has transcended his earthly surroundings and is now in a different realm of space and time.

The four creatures in the corners begin to speak, their voices joining into one voice. And the wheel itself begins to hum and turn. The room begins to change around the Fool and he finds himself watching a series of events from his past. In rapid succession, but with extreme clarity and understanding, he sees himself moving from person to person on his journey through the world of Tarot thus far.

He realizes that he has virtually stolen the purpose and life force of each character he has entered. And, in so doing, he has changed their destinies and their lives. He watches as he vacates each body and the resulting confusion and anxiety that each character feels in turn.

Each archetype in the world of Tarot has his or her own purpose. And, the Fool, by changing the order of things has changed the entire outcome of the Tarot itself. Some of the people are affected more than others, but each one had to struggle greatly to get back to the place where they truly belonged.

Not only did he displace the people he borrowed, he gave them knowledge that they were not ready to learn. The result was chaos, and the Fool was entirely, by his misguided actions, to blame.

The beings in this place are willing to repair the damage, but first the Fool must realize that he must pay a price for his actions. He must walk through the darkness of his own soul for a time to understand that life has consequences and responsibilities. The Fool agrees.

In a flash, the Fool watches as order is once again restored to the world of Tarot. All the characters are back in place, doing what they are supposed to be doing, and only as aware as they are meant to be.

When the Wheel of Fortune card is in your layout, know that change is on the horizon. This change is brought about in a karmic way. It is the never changing law of cause of effect. What goes around comes around!!

And, with a final spin of the wheel, the Fool moves forward once again...

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