Find the Average

Find the Average
Figuring out averages is more fun with popular characters! Here is a Spongebob themed worksheet on finding the average.

Spongebob Squarepants Themed Math
Find the Average!

1.Bikini Bottom is bustling with activity! Spongebob has started the "Bikini Bottom Olympics". Everyone is excited and would like to participate. Spongebob needs to figure out an average number of participants for the games. The people signed up so far are:
Mr. Krabs
15 of Pearl's school pals
If there are only four events, how many of the participants can compete at once?
If the Olympic Games continue for three weeks, what is the average number of games that contestants will participate in?

2.Patrick has been collecting seashells every day for one week. What is the average number of shells he collects?

Monday- 15 shells
Tuesday- 9 shells
Wednesday- 17 shells
Thursday- 6 shells
Friday-10 shells
Saturday- 2 shells
Sunday-16 shells

3.Sandy has been practicing her Karate moves as much as she can each month to prepare for a Bikini Bottom karate competition in March. Patrick has been doing practice scores with Sandy to prepare her for this competition. Here are her scores last week:

What is Sandy's average score?

4.Krabby Patty's are selling out! Mr. Krabs has been trying to figure out his average daily profit for Krabby Patty sales. Last week he sold 35 patties on Monday and Wednesday, 44 on Friday, 62 on Tuesday, 33 on Sunday, and 14 on Thursday and Saturday. What is the average number of patties he sells in a week?

5.A cold snap has hit Bikini Bottom! The past ten days have been extremely chilly. One week it was only 30 degress each day. The next three days it was 42 degrees each day. What is the average temperature for the ten chilly days Bikini Bottom experienced?

Characters like Spongebob can help children become more motivated about doing Math. There are also products to incorporate learning math and having fun with Spongebob and his pals. Check out the "Underwater Math Adventure" book for grades K/1, or some fun and challenging Soduku for older kiddos.

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